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DECEMBER 2018 Research Alert

This month we added five new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies all involve field medical teams and explore two key aspects of these field specialists: succeeding in global markets and serving payer organizations. Two of the studies look at improving the impact of these field teams in major global markets and examine issues such as staffing, activities and productivity. The remaining three studies represent a departure for Best Practices, LLC insofar as the respondents are from payer organizations, not pharma companies. The studies revolve around how field medical teams impact formulary success for pharma products. The documents cover topics such as how field teams support payer responsibilities, provide the information payers want and deliver value to payers. The last document includes a chapter where payers rank the overall quality of 11 pharma companies' field medical teams.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Improving the Impact of Field-Based Medical Teams in Major Global Markets: Optimizing Staffing and Resources (5535)

Best Practices, LLC undertook this study to help organizations fill knowledge gaps around key MSL/field-based medical team operational areas, including: staffing levels, resource allocations, revenue supported by MSLs, staffing levels across development phases, and preferred MSL qualification and experience.

Download: Improving the Impact of Field-Based Medical Teams in Major Global Markets: Thought Leader Engagement, Managing Field Activities & Productivity Levels (5536)

This study delivers benchmarks around key MSL/field-based medical team operational areas such as: productivity measures, efficiency, frequency of thought leader interactions by tier, effective communication channels, and the tactics and tools for leveraging field insights across the organization.

Download: Best Practices in Formulary Success: Key Payer Responsibilities and Pharma Support (5537)

This Best Practices LLC, study explores the key responsibilities/activities of payers in leadership positions (pharmacy directors, medical directors, etc.) and how pharma supports these payer activities.

Download: Best Practices in Formulary Success: Key Information that Payers want from Field Medical Teams (5538)

Best Practices LLC, conducted this study to examine what types of information managed care organizations find most important for their formulary decision-making and how they are using the information related to formulary placement.

Download: Best Practices in Formulary Success: What Payers Value in Field Medical Teams (5539)

This study explores the frequency of recent field medical rep visits to 11 pharma companies, the topics discussed during these visits, the overall quality of the 11 pharma companies' field medical reps, and differentiating factors that led to high ratings from payers.