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May 2014 Research Alert

This month Best Practice Database has published four new studies that will aid companies to successfully transition from product to a patient centric framework. The studies present insights and metrics across a range of topics, including current and future spending levels for patient-focused marketing, activities for engaging patients, and best practices/pitfalls for marketing to and communicating with patients. The final study presents the challenges and success factors for the use of iPads in pharmaceutical sales and managed markets teams.
Download: Patient-Focused Marketing: Investment and Activities Across the Patient Journey (ID 5304)
The study investigates how companies are adopting a “Patient Journey” framework to acquire, convert, support, and retain patients. It provides metrics on current spending levels, and key activities for marketing to and communicating with patients.
Download: Patient-Focused Marketing: Deployment and Best Practices Across the Patient Journey (ID 5306)
This research presents benchmarks around the percentage of total marketing budget that is earmarked for patient programs and investment distribution during each of the six key stages of the Patient Journey.
Download: Patient-Focused Support: How Gov't Affairs & Public Policy Groups Support the Patient Journey (ID 5307)
This study includes insights and metrics around the activities, timing and funding involvement of Government Affairs and Public Policy groups in patient-oriented programs.
Download: Patient-Focused Marketing: Investment, Loyalty and Pitfalls Across the Patient Journey (ID 5305)
This benchmarking study was designed to produce reliable industry metrics on future spending levels, investment allocation patterns, loyalty programs and pitfalls of patient focused marketing.
Download: iPad Utilization in Pharma: Top Challenges and Success Factors for Sales and Managed Markets Teams (ID 5300)
The research is focused on valuable insights surrounding key challenges, lessons learned, and best practices when deploying iPads or Android-Based tablets to sales or managed markets organizations.

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