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Competitive & Business Intelligence

Successful intelligence organizations provide critical insights that help organizations predict trends, understand market/competitor landscape and inform corporate growth strategy. However, Competitive Intelligence groups often face structural, cultural and financial constraints that prevent them from maximizing their impact and often lead to them being reactive responders as opposed to being proactive strategists.

To help executives understand how leading intelligence organizations drive organizational performance, Best Practices, LLC provides valuable consulting services, benchmarks and best practices across key areas such as: Rapid response programs, training & data collection, resource/ budget, contracting vendor/ outsourcing, structure & alignment, maintaining legal/ ethical standards and strategic insights.

Specifically, Competitive Intelligence/ Business Intelligence leaders use our consulting and benchmarking services to:

  • Establish effective structure and business processes
  • Evaluate business & competitive intelligence
    strategies and guidelines
  • Plan across business, brand and geographic units
  • Set operating budget for maximum effectiveness
  • Identify tactics for measuring performance and increasing
    competitive/business intelligence value and recognition
  • Evaluate optimal intelligence staffing levels
  • Optimize data collection from internal and external customers

Competitive Intelligence Services

Competitive Intelligence Research and Consulting

Research and Consulting

Our custom research services can improve your Competitive Intelligence (CI) organization's performance by assessing and analyzing the winning practices of leading corporations
  • Visit Competitive Intelligence (CI) Research &      Consulting
Competitive Intelligence Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Our members-only benchmarking research and networking service allows you to stay a step ahead of competition and align, staff and fund your Competitive Intelligence (CI) function to drive organizational success
  • View Competitive Intelligence (CI) Advisory      Services

Competitive Intelligence Benchmarking Reports

Benchmarking Reports

Our in-depth benchmarking reports contain detailed analyses, performance metrics, process insights and best practices from primary research conducted across leading Competitive Intelligence (CI) organizations
  • View Competitive Intelligence (CI) Benchmarking      Reports
Competitive Intelligence Best Practice Database Services

Best Practice Database Services

Our Best Practice Database provides instant access to critical Competitive Intelligence (CI) benchmarks, tactics, trends, process maps and case studies
  • Access Competitive Intelligence (CI) Best Practice      Database

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Competitive Intelligence

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