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Best Practice Database: Types of Research

Best Practice Database mainly consists of primary research conducted by Best Practices, LLC. The Database contains three mutually-exclusive types of research. Use the quick browse links below to explore the different types of research and review research samples of each type.

Case Studies

Case studies are a form of our benchmarking research that companies find extremely helpful . They include success stories on how industry leaders were able to improve their business processes. Unlike Written Best Practices and Metric-Based Presentations, Case Studies explicitly identify the company. Below are a few examples of our Case Studies.

Metric-Based Presentations

Best Practices, LLC's survey-based benchmark studies provide companies the opportunity to measure their performance on key metrics against other companies and to conduct a gap analysis that identifies strengths and potential areas for improvement. To protect the confidentiality of our benchmark partners, all data is blinded and presented in an aggregated or segmented form. Below are a few examples of our Metric-Based presentations.

Written Best Practices

Our Written Best Practices offer clients detailed “how to” implementation approaches that can be adapted to their own companies. These best practices are obtained through extensive interviews with carefully selected executives. Below are a few examples of our Written Best Practices.

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