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April 2014 Research Alert

This month Best Practice Database has published five new researches that include two case studies examining launch tactics used for two antipsychotics: Cariprazine and Zyprexa. The remaining three studies review the use of iPads in pharmaceutical sales and managed markets teams and use of disease state awareness programs as an education tool for new products, particularly orphan therapies.
Download: iPad Utilization in Pharma: Training, Integration and Productivity Apps for Sales and Managed Markets Teams (ID 5212)
This 2013 research is focused on issues of training, systems integration and application development for the iPad. In addition, the study also provides a comparative view with the same study in 2011 that can help in future budgeting and strategic planning.
Download: Zyprexa: Portrait of a Successful Lifecycle for an Atypical Antipsychotic (ID 5303)
This case study reviews Zyprexa's market position, side effect profile, as well as the clinical strategy & marketing tactics used to help make the product a blockbuster even in a crowded market.
Download: Cariprazine: The Market Landscape for a Second-Generation Atypical Antipsychotic (ID 5302)
This case study reviews Cariprazine, a second-generation atypical antipsychotic therapy, its pros and cons and where the product could fit into the antipsychotic market.
Download: Disease State Awareness Programs for Orphan Drugs (ID 5301)
Best Practices, LLC conducted this short study to inform biopharmaceutical organizations about current approaches to disease awareness programs for orphan products. Using three orphan products as examples, the study explores program goals, content, timing and execution for each of the three products.
Download: iPad Utilization in Pharma: Security and Measuring Effectiveness for Sales and Managed Markets Teams (ID 5215)
This research is focused on valuable metrics surrounding security and compliance issues faced while using iPad and measuring the effectiveness of the iPad in a sales and managed markets field setting.

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