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JANUARY 2018 Research Alert

This month we added four new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies explore three topical areas: Field Medical/Outcomes KOL Engagement Strategies, Establishing Medical Affairs Capabilities in TMEA (Turkey, Middle East and Africa), and Best Practices in Biopharmaceutical Medical Publications. The field medical study focuses on KOL engagement strategies and tactics used by medical and outcomes field staff. The two medical affairs in TMEA studies, meanwhile, examine staffing, activities, responsibilities and field medical team performance. The medical publications study focuses on the issue of authorship selection.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Benchmarking Field Medical & Field Outcomes and Pricing KOL Engagement Strategies (5489)
With growing demand for scientific and outcomes data in the healthcare industry, it is critical for pharmaceutical companies to develop effective thought leader engagement strategies for their field-based medical and outcomes/pricing group. This benchmarking study examines current industry trends and best practices for field-based medical and outcomes/pricing teams in North America, Europe, APAC and Emerging Markets.
Download: Best Practices in Establishing Medical Affairs Capabilities in TMEA: Activities, Responsibilities and Staffing in Turkey, Middle East and South Africa (5490)
As pharmaceutical companies seek out growth opportunities in new areas of the world, many are turning their attention to the TMEA region that includes Turkey, the Middle East and South Africa. This latest Best Practices, LLC research examines the activities, responsibilities and staffing of Medical Affairs roles in this region.
Download: Best Practices in Establishing Medical Affairs Capabilities in TMEA: Field Medical Team Staffing and Performance in Turkey, Middle East and South Africa (5491)
Pharmaceutical organizations have learned that success in the TMEA region is contingent on having an effective local Medical Affairs group. This Best Practices, LLC study examines field medical team staffing and performance in this region, touching on issues that include responsibilities, compliance, and virtual interactions.
Download: Best Practices in Biopharmaceutical Medical Publications: Authorship Selection Criteria and Process (5492)
Scientific publication is a critical activity for the pharmaceutical industry. However, companies sometimes encounter gray areas when it comes to authorship selection for articles. This Best Practices, LLC research reviews the standards, processes and rationale of critical authorship selection and retention decisions.

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