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Nearly all research in the Best Practice Database is client-initiated and includes between several and several dozen benchmark partners. As such, the topics are relevant to today’s vexing business challenges. All of this research is:
1) indexed by subject category and
2) searchable by key word

This allows customers to find relevant information quickly. Here is what our customers say:

"When I need something in a hurry for me or a colleague to take into a meeting, I use the Best Practice Database for 'quick and dirty' access to great information on the fly. It's truly 'access at my fingertips!' People at higher levels enjoy the convenience of being able to service themselves from the Best Practice Database. " --Leslie Pemberton, Director of Administrative Productivity, Sonoco Products

"The Best Practice Database has been a tremendous asset to our organization. It is very straightforward to use and allows research to be easily accessed and downloaded. The added feature of emails that notify the user of updated research has been extremely valuable."
-- Jeff Schirm, Director Operations Development for a medical device manufacturer

"I find that the Best Practice Database is easy to navigate without any formal training. Both the search ability and the research itself is user-friendly and easy to understand. I find the monthly research alerts to be very informative; I push the topics out to my user groups and receive many requests for it."
-- Kate Williams, Knowledge Management Administrator, EOH Business Consulting (South Africa)

“I'm often asked to find benchmarking information and standards by which we can measure and improve performance. I've found the Best Practice Database to be an easy and thorough resource to satisfy that need. I started by purchasing just one area of the Database and quickly discovered the need to access the entire Database.” --Kay Kelly, Learning Resources Manager, Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

"I found the search capability of the Best Practice Database very powerful. This resource provides a lot of good information across a variety of subject areas." --Vice President for Information and Technology, Aventis

"I love the Database! It's easy to use. For many of my clients’ projects, it is right on the money. For others, although the particular industry or functional area may not be an exact fit, I can easily pick out the lessons and principles that apply to my exact situation." -- Bill Newton, Business Group Manager, Sigmon Group, LLC

"I have been using the Best Practice Database to research specific questions identified as part of the human resources process review effort we are leading to put together a best practices report. Though we used a few sources for our project, we were able to get the majority of what we needed from the Database alone. I am definitely a happy camper."
-- Mercedes Sanchez, Strategic Initiative Process Leader, Pima County Community College

“I can save valuable time using the Best Practice Database. Instead of having to build a new business case, I can use the Best Practice Database to 'confirm' how other companies have been successful in improving and/or implementing concepts in which our organization is interested.”
--Jack Marlett, Senior Staff Consultant, Quality Management, Verizon

"Best Practices, LLC's contact databases and knowledge of Who's Who in the world of performance excellence helped us shave valuable time off our fast-turn-around benchmarking project." -- Joe Hill, Benchmarking Coordinator, Equiva

“The Database of case studies is a treasure trove of proven industry practice.”
--Bill King, Sr. Program Director, SCT

"I've found Best Practices, LLC 's Best Practice Database to be a terrific resource for benchmarking information. Research summaries are easy to digest and packed with useful information on industry best practices." -- Laurie Mierke, Manager of Process Excellence, LifeScan Canada

“The Best Practice Database is an invaluable research tool. The benchmarking info is great!”
--D. Clay Whybark, Professor, Kenan-Flagler Business School

“I'm very impressed with the ease of using the tool.”
--Marc Levetin, Capability Associate, The Forum Corp

“When we have searched the Database, we have quickly found exactly what we needed. A lot of people face the same business challenges that we face; this a way to take advantage of lessons learned and best practices from other companies."
--Nancy Lemon, Leader, Knowledge Resources, Owens Corning

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