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Background: More than ever, patients are going online to find treatment answers to their conditions, while physicians take a similar route to learn about new therapies. As traditional access to these key customer groups diminishes and Social Media flourishes, the healthcare industry is scrambling to reach these key customers via Digital Marketing.

But as pharma, biotech and device companies invest more in the Digital Marketing function, there is greater pressure to demonstrate the value of Digital support activities, to mitigate the Regulatory risks around Adverse Events reporting which are incumbent in interacting with patients, and to align and persuade with Traditional Marketers on brand teams that Digital is a “must-have” in any successful product’s marketing mix.

Digital Marketing Consortium research updates capture a huge cross-section of metrics and insights into the challenges and critical success factors of Digital Marketing groups within the healthcare sector. The report provides crucial data on what Digital activities are tracked, how this tracking is used to show value and ROI, key processes for reducing Regulatory risk, what key platforms and Social Media channels are most utilized, how Digital groups overcome common alignment challenges, how hiring patterns have changed to meet new demands, and finally provides interesting data in budgeting and staffing trends for this growing function.

To learn more about the research findings, please download your complimentary summary.

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