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Metric-Based Presentations

These online survey-based studies are ideal for learning what other companies are doing, how they measure what they do, what resources they devote to activities, what they find effective, and other insights. These are useful for doing a gap analysis.

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Corporate and Executive Communications Function Resource Benchmarks This document contains Metrics and Graphics.This document contains Metrics and Graphics.
Non-members: Click here to sign-up for a complimentary tour of "Corporate and Executive Communications Function Resource Benchmarks" Study Overview Communications are vital in managing public perceptions and in keeping employees working in strategic alignment with company goals; this much is certain... (ID 4905)
Companies Profiled: AIM Investments, Plymouth Rock Assurance, Dana Corporation, AXA Financial, more ...
Price: $2246.00

Report Summary -- Best Practices in Executive Communication 
... (ID HR-49A)
Companies Profiled: Chaparral Steel, Eaton Corp, FedEx, General Electric, more ...
Price: $0.00

Best Practices in Executive Communication 
Master executive communications to improve employee morale and productivity... (ID HR-49)
Companies Profiled: Chaparral Steel, Eaton Corp, FedEx, General Electric, more ...
Price: $1200.00

Linking Learning, Education, and Communication 
Continuous Communication & Education Honeywell (formerly AlliedSignal) CEO Lawrence Bossidy has made his work force the centerpiece of his vision for the company's renewal... (ID 3528)
Companies Profiled: Honeywell, Chaparral Steel, Remmele Engineering, Will-Burt
Price: $9.95

Internal Communication Philosophy & Mechanism Spotlight: Federal Express 
CEO Communications Mechanisms at Federal Express: The following methods employed be Federal Express to ensure open communication between employees and management are explained in further detail below: 1... (ID 3531)
Companies Profiled: FedEx
Price: $9.95

50 Practices to Yield Effective Executive Communication 
Best Practices research analysts observed that no one company’s communications program encompasses every possible method or mechanism... (ID 3534)
Companies Profiled: over 25
Price: $18.95

Communicating Effectively with the Entire Organization 
Create a common vision to guide organizational behavior... (ID 3368)
Companies Profiled: FedEx
Price: $9.95

Communicating Corporate Values 
CEO Communication Mechanisms The “Joint Process” which is a cooperative decision making process (between management and union); it rests upon clearly stated Mission, Vision and Objectives; it works through high associate involvement and problem-solving work teams... (ID 3533)
Companies Profiled: Goodyear, Herman Miller, MW Kellogg Co.
Price: $9.95

Internal Communication Philosophy & Mechanisms Spotlight -- General Electric 
CEO Communications Mechanisms Workout is GE's forum for discussion, debate, training, problem-solving and "bureaucracy-busting... (ID 3532)
Companies Profiled: General Electric
Price: $9.95

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