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Client Testimonials


Best Practices, LLC was founded in 1992 by a group of service professionals with roots at the Harvard Business School. Our founder and CEO, Christopher Bogan, is the author of the influential book Benchmarking for Best Practices: Winning through Innovative Adaptation, published by McGraw-Hill.

Our dedicated team of experts offers extensive experience in the application of continuous-improvement and best-practice benchmarking strategies across functions, industries and geographies.

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The Best Practices' team really helped me pioneer this market. The benchmarking research you performed for me delivered detailed, actionable insights. Your work was stellar!

Manager, Business Development for Managed Markets Division, GlaxoSmithKline

Congratulations on a superb study on the value of supporting CME! The detail and thoroughness are impressive; your findings and analysis provide lots of food for further thought and insights to guide our informed thinking!

Past Director, CME/CPPD, American Medical Association Principal, WentzMiller Global Services, LLC

You deliver high quality research -- rich with insights and analysis -- and through your team of experts and individual account managers, you provided a support process that helped us achieve the desired results. Great job to your entire Best Practices team!

Performance Measurement Leader, PSE&G Delivery Asset Management

Best Practices offers access to a wide variety of resources focusing on many important topics in the pharmaceutical sector at affordable prices. Best Practices has great (knowledgeable, flexible, supportive, patient and reliable) account management.

Senior Director Commercial Development, CSL Behring

Best Practices, LLC has been great to work with compared to other consultants I've used. You listen well and deliver with minimal interruption to the P&U staff.

Sales Director, Pfizer

Best Practices, LLC's contact databases and knowledge of Who's Who in the world of performance excellence helped us shave valuable time off our fast-turn-around benchmarking project." Benchmarking Coordinator, Equiva
"Few folks have mastered the fine art of filtering useful wisdom out of oceans of hype... Best Practices LLC has been spotting fruitful best practices since 1992.

INC Magazine

Best Practices is a leader in this field and I value what you do and am aligned with what you do.

Director, Portfolio Management & Performance, R&D, Pfizer

The report is said to be the best thing since "sliced bread". Thanks to your quick response my colleague was able to use it as a reference for a recent meeting and it has proved to be invaluable.

Training & Development, Bayer

Best Practices®, LLC’s research on the service-to-sales revolution is insightful and powerful. We were extremely pleased to have participated in this ground-breaking benchmarking study. We intend to use your Best Practices Benchmarking® Report as a tool to further improve our capabilities for our clients and their customers, while bolstering our own profitability at the same time.

Executive Vice President of Sales, Carlson Leisure Travel Services

I appreciate participating in the Managing the Competition Benchmarking Study. The findings from this project helped elevate the importance of the CI function here at Amgen. I always find interacting with employees at Best Practices, LLC both enjoyable and informative.

Associate Director Marketing, Amgen

I've always thought Best Practices published timely and interesting reports. Now, I know that Best Practices is a reputable company that puts "partnering" with its customers ahead of making a "quick buck." Best Practices really practices what it preaches -- A true demonstration of customer relationship management theory!

Senior Research Librarian, Philip Morris Management Corp.

Most research firms favor an ‘expert’ approach which often leads to a typical ‘insider’ viewpoint and all of the technical jargon that goes along with this approach. You approach each topic from a fresh, multidisciplinary perspective and deliver best practices that I am able to immediately act upon.

Process Improvement Practice Director Organizational Development , Thomson Reuters

Your benchmarking study on sales productivity is an excellent piece of work. The Best Practices research team conducted this important field research rapidly and with true global reach. The insights and findings will help us to focus and accelerate our performance management systems that are so important to sales excellence.

Vice President, Sales and Marketing, AstraZeneca

When it comes to value in benchmarking, your company is No. 1 in my book. You combine experience, expertise and creativity to help your customers achieve success.

Former Benchmarking Champion, United States Department of Veterans Affairs

The Change Management study you sent me was terrific. This benchmarking research is valuable research services for us. … I've already passed it along to others -- including several key executives.

Performance Measurement Leader, PSE&G Delivery Asset Management

Best Practices, LLC did an excellent job on the study of Best Practices for Developing World-Class Engineering Talent. Hopefully, we will be able to retain our talent with some of the ideas mentioned in this study. This study shows benchmarking and research work much needed to be a successful organization.

Sr. Operations & Engineering Analyst, CenterPoint Energy

The benchmarking research presentation went VERY well. THANKS TO YOU, BEST PRACTICES! The data you provided me was very beneficial! Questions were minimal. The understanding was great within the audience. This will help us move forward on our business objectives!

WW Quality & TCE, HP

Over my many years in business, I have had the opportunity to work with more than a few consultants. The Best Practices team has been fantastic! We have been impressed with their professionalism, responsiveness and willingness to help us succeed. Their folks have always had a "can do" attitude. We are very grateful for their support and we certainly look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.

Vice President, Human Resources, Cisco Systems

Thank you for a job well done! You added an enormous amount of value to our entire Best Practices quest -- from the data collection and analysis through the conference facilitation and session report. The final report capturing insights and group findings will be shared with our operating areas and leaders. I know it will help us take aim at important improvement opportunities we will pursue in the year ahead. Please pass on PSE&G's gratitude and appreciation to your team of professionals.

Performance Measurement Leaders, PSE&G

The benchmarking study the Best Practices team completed as part of our membership was extremely valuable in providing our company metrics around areas we had only been speculating about in the past. We have a clearer picture of trends in a very niched area of our business and it would have been extremely difficult to get this insight through any other method.

Executive Director and Compliance Officer, DWA Healthcare Communications Group

In a nutshell, you did a great job! We were very pleased indeed with the survey response, the terrific help you provided to help us articulate the key questions and the professional way it was marketed, managed and delivered. The analysis helps reinforce BT's current view on delivering customer service and driving satisfaction. It also added a few new ideas to ponder over! So, once again, please accept our sincere thanks for your contribution…

Services Manager, British Telecom

The Research and Advisory Services provides access to a network of high-level benchmarking and performance improvement professionals representing a virtual Who's Who of elite Fortune 500 companies. I'd encourage others—who value thought leadership, group learning, and high-quality research--to consider joining the Research and Advisory Services today.

Senior Program Director, SCT

I have worked with Best Practices, LLC in the past. They have conducted benchmarking studies for me that helped drive significant performance improvements in Life scan.

Director, Operations Improvement, J&J Life Scan



The customer support I receive in finding and utilizing content in the (Biopharma Best Practice) Database helps me to look good, and that makes it easier to renew for the following year.

Director, Collaboration and Best Practices, Johnson & Johnson

I’ve found the Database a really useful way to look externally to gather information for our continuous improvement activities. The monthly research alerts are sent to our senior managers, who are then able to request information on specific topics of interest. I also use the Database to research specific ‘hot topics’ that are of current interest to Roche.

Operations Standards Manager, Roche

With this tool, I can learn from other world-class companies and continuously improve our operations and shareholder value.

VP, Information and Technology, Sanofi-Aventis

The Best Practice Database is one of the best resources to go to for a wide variety of topics and types of benchmarking information on what external organizations are doing well. We use this to examine what we may need to do in the future. We specifically use metrics and case studies to assist in presentations and decision making.

Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories

“Their database of case studies is a treasure trove of proven industry practice.”

Sr. Program Director, SCT

The Best Practice Database is a valuable tool for corporate development. I use the Database to prepare for presentations. I go into the Database for a few hours every few months and pull down everything related to my topic and then spend time reading through the best practices and metrics. We often find the data reassuring in that it confirms that our approach is in line with what many of the industry leaders are doing. In fact, the main benefit is using the survey data to understand industry trends and use it to create our own company's guiding principles.

Sales Force Effectiveness, Abbott

I used the Best Practice Database as my main system for benchmarking. I have received a lot of questions since we subscribed to Best Practices on how we are doing compared to others in several different areas: functioning of the market research department, purchasing practices, use of CROs, setting up Competitive Intelligence and many other areas. I always could find the right answers within the right time which helped us to improve our performance.

Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Organon


ConsultingEveryone loves the Best Practice Database…as we are interested in an international perspective and knowing what world leaders are doing.

Knowledge Management, EOH Consulting Services (South Africa)

The research provided by Best Practice Database helps to expand our thinking across a variety of business topics and industries.

Director of Research, AchieveGlobal

The content in the Database has proven very valuable for us in several key customer projects, as well as for internal training.

Manager, Network Solutions Group, Expeditors

The Best Practice Database has proven itself to be an extremely useful tool for our organization. I'm frequently asked to locate research on specific business issues within all types of industries. The database gives me the option to provide excellent sources of data for our sales people to use with their clients.

Market Research Analyst, AchieveGlobal

When I walked around showing colleagues the information I collected off the Database, they all said, ‘This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Program Analyst, US Department of Transportation

I love the Database! It's easy to use. For many of my clients’ projects, it is right on the money. For others, although the particular industry or functional area may not be an exact fit, I can easily pick out the lessons and principles that apply to my exact situation.

Business Group Manager, Sigmon Group, LLC


When we have searched the Database, we have quickly found exactly what we needed. A lot of people face the same business challenges that we face; this a way to take advantage of lessons learned and best practices from other companies.

Leader, Knowledge Resources, Owens Corning

When I need something in a hurry for me or a colleague to take into a meeting, I use the Best Practice Database for 'quick and dirty' access to great information on the fly. It's truly 'access at my fingertips!' People at higher levels enjoy the convenience of being able to service themselves from the Best Practice Database.

Director of Administrative Productivity, Sonoco Products


The Best Practice Database is uniquely packaged and accessible. It provides a 'one stop shopping' location where one can go and research specific best practice topics. The specific detail offered in a 'this-is-how-we-did-it' approach is not found in other resources.

Electronic Selection Librarian, University of Michigan's Ross School of Business

When we get asked how to staff or structure a department, there is no better source than the Best Practice Database. Newly hired or promoted managers especially need the bigger picture of the industry's best practices and standards in their area, even if they have the technical expertise. This information is difficult to find anywhere else --even if the general topic is addressed in journal publications. The articles in the Best Practice Database are uniquely practical, actionable and detailed. When we deliver these excellent, high-quality articles to our internal clients, the response is generally ‘wow.’ It is golden; I would not live without the Best Practice Database.

Manager, Takeda Pharmaceuticals

This resource provides a lot of good information across a variety of subject areas.

VP, Information and Technology, Sanofi

I've found Best Practices, LLC 's Best Practice Database to be a terrific resource for benchmarking information. Research summaries are easy to digest and packed with useful information on industry best practices. We liked it so much we've upgraded our membership!

Manager of Process Excellence, LifeScan Canada

The Best Practice Database is an invaluable research tool. The benchmarking info is great! . . . .Next year, I plan to add the database to the syllabus for each of my courses.

Professor, Kenan-Flagler School of Business, University of North Carolina

I have been using the Best Practice Database to research specific questions identified as part of the human resources process review effort we are leading to put together a best practices report. Though we used a few sources for our project, we were able to get the majority of what we needed from the Database alone. I am definitely a happy camper.

Strategic Initiative Process Leader, Pima County Community College

Easy to Use

I'm often asked to find benchmarking information and standards by which we can measure and improve performance. I've found the Best Practice Database to be an easy and thorough resource to satisfy that need. I started by purchasing just one area of the database and quickly discovered the need to access the entire database. My internal clients have been very pleased with the information I've been able to supply and continue to return for more.

Fortune 500 Company Financial Services Company

I used information in the Best Practice Database on the balanced scorecard to support our company in moving in that direction. We looked at how many companies did it, what it took to implement it, and their successes and failures to guide our own implementation. I also did research for an interim director of Human Resources to familiarize that person with what best practices are in that arena. We studied what other companies did through in providing incentives for their employees such as pay for performance. Based on the data charts and best practices in the Database, we decided to move forward with it. Finally, my colleague asked me to find some best practices in vendor management, which we had not yet formally done. I found 6-7 documents and then gave it to him 15 minutes later. He was surprised how quickly I could find on-target research.

Strategic Planning Analyst, Now Foods

The Best Practice Database has been a tremendous asset to our organization. It is very straightforward to use and allows research to be easily accessed and downloaded.

Director Operations Development, Respironics

I first used the Best Practices Database to find research for a project team on succession planning. The Database had a huge array of information on the topic. The end result was a very happy internal customer.

Capability Associate, Forum Corporation

I found the benchmarking database to be extremely useful for my business, which is to provide Employee Surveys to financial service clients around the country. I often analyze their employee survey data and write an Executive Summary. With the use of the best-in-class database, I was able to suggest some creative recommendations and best practices for issues dealing with communication, customer service, performance management, leadership, etc. I was even able to pull together some useful information on the best practices of the employee satisfaction survey process. With the use of your database, I can now offer more value added service to my clients. Manager, Assessment and Survey Services, Bank Administration Institute

Senior Staff Consultant, Quality Management, Verizon

I can save valuable time using the Best Practice Database. Instead of having to build a new business case, I can use the Best Practice Database to 'confirm' how other companies have been successful in improving and/or implementing concepts in which our organization is interested.

Senior Staff Consultant, Quality Management, Verizon


The Database helps us save money by using the primary research from the Database rather than always conducting our own.

Market Research Analyst, AchieveGlobal

The Best Practice Database is a unique source. You cannot find this information in the traditional literature. Without the Best Practice Database, we would have had to spend a lot of time on primary research to put together the information.

Leader, Knowledge Resources, Owens Corning

The benchmarking information found in the Database is unique. We are very cautious about how we spend our resources, and we enthusiastically have renewed our membership to the Database. In the last year alone, we accessed 691 research studies in the Database.

Manager of Scientific & Business Information Solutions, Quintiles

My membership in the Best Practice Database began paying off the first day I purchased it. One of our consultants asked me for benchmark data on performance management. In a few minutes, I was able to find several studies that were right on the mark. The client was pleased with our quick and helpful response. I am sure there will be many similar opportunities ahead.

Research Director, Forum Corporation

We use the Best Practice Database for easy access to the latest trends in sales, service and leadership development practices. It helps us provide more insight and information to our clients and is clearly worth the investment.

Research Director, Forum Corporation

My customers here have nothing but good words about the data received from Best Practices, LLC. I have received outstanding customer service from my Database Account Manager and others within Best Practices, LLC.

Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories

The Database is also large and offers a diverse listing of topics. Other memberships have databases that you pay extra for, and they’re not as good as the Best Practice Database.

Director of Administrative Productivity, Sonoco Products

This is a niche Database with concise research summaries that cannot be found easily, if at all, anywhere else for what is a reasonable price.

Business & Economics Librarian, UNC-Chapel Hill

Top-Quality Service

The customer support I receive in finding and utilizing content in the (Biopharma Best Practice) Database helps me to look good, and that makes it easier to renew for the following year.

Director, Johnson and Johnson

At 5:30PM on a Friday, I needed benchmarking data on customer satisfaction survey scores to use in four Monday meetings. I found everything I wanted in the Best Practice Database by searching under "customer satisfaction survey results." Thanks to your research in the Best Practice Database, I have six companies' data and your "crystallized findings." Best Practices saved me a weekend of research. many, many thanks!

Director of Shared Services, Fujitsu North America

I have received outstanding customer service from my Database Account Manager and others within Best Practices, LLC.

Information Technician, Centralized Resource Quality & Service, Abbott Laboratories