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Competitive and Business Intelligence

What percentage of business intelligence gathering work involves primary research and what percentage involves secondary research? What are the best practices followed while collecting competitive intelligence (CI) data from internal employees? Where should CI fit in the organization? How do benchmark companies use operating guidelines to balance the risks involved with CI? While delivering insights, how do CI groups customize their findings for different internal client groups?




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The business intelligence database contains a wide array of studies that provide insights, which help set strategic and tactical direction for commercial operations. The Database can help CI leaders to anticipate and respond strategically to external change - in a closely regulated and highly competitive pharmaceutical marketplace.

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David Guinn
David Guinn
Best Practice Senior Director, Client Relations and Business Development
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I used the Best Practice Database as my main system for benchmarking. I have received a lot of questions since we subscribed to Best Practices on how we are doing compared to others in several different areas: functioning of the market research department, purchasing practices, use of CROs, setting up Competitive Intelligence and many other areas. I always could find the right answers within the right time which helped us to improve our performance.

-- Manager, Competitive Intelligence, Organon
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Competitive Business Intelligence
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