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In Era of Competing Needs, Market Research Groups Under Pressure to Utilize Automation and External Staffing

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Sept. 19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A pharmaceutical executive in the market research function came to Best Practices, LLC with three issues he wanted the research and consulting firm to explore:

The use of external personnel (especially for secondary research) to maximize efficiency and maintain a lean internal headcount in the face of increased workload
Automation of market research processes for efficient report generation and better knowledge management
How to implement and manage those automated systems
This executive realized that in order to provide maximum value to internal clients, market research teams must find a way to regularly generate a significant number of secondary reports while also continuing to provide more strategic insights. Faced with headcount constraints and new products to support, market research groups can gain critical efficiencies through the shrewd use of outsourced personnel and system automation.

To position his group for the future, this executive invested in a primary research project that produced a report - "Market Research Efficiency Benchmark: Using External Personnel and Automation to Maximize Effectiveness." The 70-page study identifies strategies, solutions, and the transition process Market Research groups are undergoing to deliver current marketplace trends as well as strategic insights for long-term planning.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:
  • Market Research Group Structure & Staffing Levels
  • Using Outsourced Personnel
  • Reasons for Outsourcing
  • Contractor Selection & Management
  • Assessing the Value of Outsourced Market Research Labor
  • Using Automation to Enhance Market Research Performance
  • Appendix A: Outsourcing Models Observed in this Study
  • Appendix B: Executive Quotes from the Field
  • Appendix C: Outsourcing Competitive Intelligence

To provide maximum value to their internal clients, pharmaceutical and biotech companies must continue to innovate. In order to enhance business impact and reduce redundancy, savvy Market Research leaders must determine the right mix of internal staff, external personnel, and automated reporting.

This report is based on research and information provided by 22 Pharmaceutical and Biotech executives from 19 different companies. Best Practices, LLC analysts also conducted deep-dive interviews with seven participating executives to gather additional insights.

To learn more about this report, download a complimentary report excerpt at For related research, visit our Best Practices, LLC Web site at


Best Practices, LLC is a leading benchmarking, consulting and advisory services firm serving biopharmaceutical and medical device companies worldwide. Best Practices, LLC's clients include all the top 10 and 48 of the top 50 global healthcare companies. The firm conducts primary research and consulting using its comprehensive proprietary benchmarking tools and analysis.

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