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University/Academic Access

Many universities, and business schools in particular, have found the Best Practice Database to be a popular tool among students, faculty and staff. More than any other type of member, university members continue to renew their annual memberships year after year!

Benefits to Universities

To view a presentation on why the Best Practice Database can be such an asset within a university, particularly business schools, click on the link below:

Best Practice Database: A Valuable Resource for Undergraduate Students, MBA Students and Faculty

This presentation contains these sections:
What is the Best Practice Database?
What University Members are Saying
Top Ten Documents Accessed in the Database
How Undergraduates, MBA Students and Faculty Use the Database
How to Subscribe

Topic Areas

To view all six major categories and all the topics within them that you will be able to access through a university membership in the Best Practice Database, click below.
Category List

High Marks for the Database

Rita Moss, Business and Economics Librarian at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and Bob Kelly, Former Electronic Selection Librarian at University of Michigan's Ross School of Business, were asked how their students, faculty and staff use the Database and why they remain members of the Best Practice Database year after year. Here is a synopsis of their statements:

Unique Source: "It is a unique 'niche' Database with detailed content that cannot be found easily, if at all, anywhere else for what is a reasonable price."

Detailed Research: "The content is specific, direct and offers 'this is how we did it' information. This is helpful for those looking for specific directions or ideas on difficult topics."

Ease of Use: "It provides a single location or 'one-stop shopping' where one can go and research best practice topics across a variety of studies."

These comments mirror what many corporate members value in the Database. See Member Benefits.

Member Use Stories

Use by Students:
  • "Our business students are using it for organizational management and operations research."
  • "Students preparing to research or interview with a company can consult the Best Practice Database to obtain background information on that company."
  • “Students particularly like the conceptual graphics and data charts and often use the research to prepare for their own presentations.”

Use by Faculty & Staff:
  • "Faculty use research from the Best Practice Database to look for current developments/approaches and how practices have changed over time."
  • Faculty use the research as required course reading or make it available as a resource link on their course websites.
  • Career advisors use the Database to inform themselves about best practices in recruiting and interviewing.
  • Administrators use the Database to identify better business and management processes.

How to Gain University Access to the Best Practice Database

It is simple to sign up for university access.

1. Best Practices, LLC can provide you with a live tour of the site using the phone and Internet so that you can see the types of research users will be able to access. To request a tour, contact Benjamin Gregory -- Best Practice Database Head -- directly at 919-767-9160.

2. We’ll give you a discounted flat-fee rate for membership based largely on the number of students.

3. We’ll send you a Letter of Agreement and set up your IP authenticated-access.

4. You may contact your dedicated Account Manager team at any time throughout the year.

If desired, we’ll provide your library leaders with personalized training. Librarians, directors and faculty can also get online help by viewing the training video or Research Tips.

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