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Why You Should Consider Scenario Planning / War Gaming

“He who knows his enemy shall never fear defeat.” Sun Tzu – The Art of War

Based on the ancient Chinese principle of “know your enemy,” the art of Scenario Planning / War Gaming provides companies practice preparing to launch a new product or blunt a competitive market entry.

Because companies only get one chance to launch a product, teams must be prepared for the unexpected and should develop the right strategies to optimize assets. In the past, war gaming was a tool used by the military, but in recent years corporate strategists in the pharma industry have adopted the tactic to develop strategic and tactical Courses of Action (COAs) before and during launch.

With this in mind, Best Practices, LLC can put its two decades of experience, tracking and analyzing hundreds of launches from more than 40 pharma companies. Our experience working with Medical, Marketing and Sales groups can help companies deliver results at the right time, right place and right sequence. Thus, our experience with Scenario Planning/War Gaming can help you understand the market, think creatively and develop winning launch strategies.

How Scenario Planning / War Gaming Informs Your team

  • Scott Brown

    Scott Brown

    Executive Director, Global Research and Consulting

    Scott is a research leader with a passion for uncovering key insights to drive growth. He has 30-years’ experience helping clients make informed decisions through research.

    Phone: (919)-767-9164

  • James Drake

    James Drake

    Director of Research Services & Operations/Head of Digital Technology Practice

    For over a decade, James has helped client organizations use digital strategies to drive innovation and achieve better efficiency on both the medical and commercial sides of pharma. His key expertise areas include new product planning, launch, field medical excellence, digital marketing, and brand marketing.
    Phone: (603) 410-3929

How Scenario Planning / War Gaming Informs Your team

Scenario Planning/ War Gaming

  • Customizing Launch Strategy
  • Understanding market dynamics /market response
  • Thinking creatively about opportunities and threats
  • Identifying strategic risks
  • Forecasting competitive response
  • Resource requirements and utilization
  • Pitfall identifications and avoidance
  • Identify market education requirements
  • Identify different stakeholder needs / risk points
  • Support strategic activities / decision making
  • Identify key decision points
  • Competitive Intelligence / simulations
  • Develop new market entry blunt strategies
  • Product strategy testing

  • Under attack / blunt / new competitor
    • Generics
    • Biosimilars
  • New product launch
    • Existing market / competitive products
    • New market
  • Co-promote (Internal / External)

  • Launch planning
  • Customized competitive simulations
  • Specialty markets (Orphan Drug / Oncology, etc.)
  • Scenario planning
  • COA development
  • Simulations
  • SWOT analysis
  • Brand planning
  • Integrated market planning analysis
  • Launch stress testing
  • Recommendations development / Action plans
  • Advance research to inform simulations and scenarios
  • Facilitation
  • Team building
  • Report debrief / lessons learned
  • Case studies
  • New Product Planning & Launch Excellence Playbook

  • Briefing Book (Pre War Game)
    • Market / Situational Analysis
    • Competitive Company / Product Reviews / Package Inserts
  • Early scenarios / war game planning
  • Advanced market research
    • KOL perspectives
    • Patient perspectives
    • Managed markets
  • Patient Journey Maps
  • Market Analysis
  • First Simulation / scenario / war gaming
  • Role playing
  • Scenario injects / multiple strategies
  • Run parallel scenarios
  • Debriefs
  • Capture Insights and Lessons learned
  • Battle Book (Post Meeting)
    • Strategies & Insights
    • SWOT Analysis
    • COA / Impact Analysis
    • Summary Brief / Report
    • Action Plans / Checklists

  • Launch strategy / messaging
  • Market strategies
  • Payer strategies
  • Blunting strategies
  • KOL strategies
  • Pull through strategies
  • Messaging
  • Market Positioning
  • Market education / shaping

Who Can Benefit from Competitive Scenario Planning

  • Brand teams / product teams
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Medical Leaders
  • Managed Markets/ Market Access
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain / Manufacturing / Technical Operations
  • Sales
  • Patient Support / access/ advocacy
  • Legal