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External Communication Excellence: Tactics Used by BioPharma Executives to Increase Organizational Effectiveness

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Published: Pre-2016

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Technological advances have dramatically increased the amount and frequency of communication in the biopharma workplace - in particular external communication involving the Internet. However, the diversity of communication tools, sources, and platforms makes it difficult to ascertain the preferred and most effective external communication tactics and strategies in the biopharmaceutical sector.

Best Practices, LLC conducted this research to identify the most effective external communication strategies and tactics in the biopharma sector and how people best utilize various communication formats to achieve organizational objectives. Specifically, this study reviews the frequency and type of Internet tools used for work-related information, and the type of work-related external communications viewed and forwarded with mobile devices. The largest portion of the study focuses on the interest level, and preferred time and formats for receiving more than a dozen types of external communications, including general, competitor analysis, technology updates, new product launch, legal, research, supplier, strategic guidance, vendor and others.

This study explores the most effective and preferred channels and tools of external communication and the optimum frequency for external communications. Professionals who use and send external communications can use this report to identify the most effective external communication strategies and tactics and how people best utilize various communication formats to achieve organizational success.

This study presents a Total Benchmark Class perspective on some slides. A vast majority of the data slides present the perspective of the Pharmaceutical Segment.


  • External Communication: Tools and Usage Frequency
  • External Communication: Preference and Effectiveness
  • Voices from the Field

  • Usage Frequency of Internet Tools – Pharma segment
  • Online Communities Visited Most Regularly – Overall & Pharmaceutical Segment
  • Methods Used to Gather Information – Pharma segment
  • Average Searches per Day – Overall
  • Frequency of Visits/Clicks – Overall
  • Value Derived from Business Information Sources – Pharma Segment
  • Interest and Preferred Time of Checking General Communication –Pharma Segment
  • Preferred Formats & Effective Tools for General Information – Pharma Segment
  • Interest and Preferred Time of Checking Competitor Analysis – Pharma Segment
  • Preferred Formats & Effective Tools for Competitor Analysis – Pharma Segment l
  • Interest and Preferred Time of Checking Performance Indicators – Pharma Segment
  • Preferred Formats & Effective Tools for Performance Indicators – Pharma Segment
  • Impact of Marketing Communications on Purchase Decision – Pharma Segment
  • Percentage of Redundant Emails Received – Pharma Segment
  • Checking External Communication Through Mobile – Pharma Segment
  • Forwarding External Communication Through Mobile – Pharma Segment

  • Send Communications Before Lunch: The majority of respondents prefer to receive external information before 1 p.m.

The benchmark class of participants includes total of 183 representatives from different industry segments and across six continents Qualitative and quantitative data for this report were collected through an online survey instrument. The pharmaceutical segment included 51 organizations.

Industries Profiled:
Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Diagnostic; Biotech; Consulting; Banking; Financial Services; Insurance; Non-Profit; Chemical; Business; Professional Services; Manufacturing; Distribution; Transportation; Education; Market Research; Marketing; Public Relations; Architecture; Engineering; Communications; Aerospace; Automobile; Aviation; Computer Software; Telecommunications; Medical Device; Government; Military; Advertising; Defense; Science; Clinical Research

Companies Profiled:
Abbott; Sanofi Pasteur; Gardner Assocites; Target Point ltd; AllianceBernstein; The Aspen Institute; Economic Opportunities Program; Genentech/Roche; The Bluestar Group; AsiaConnect; The Gordon Group; General Products Corp.; Union National Bank; Zogenix; Hertz Corporation; Assessment & Information group; Jefferson Associates Inc; Pearson; Kadmon Pharmaceuticals; Barr Engineering; Kiernan Group; Inc.; Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals; Kimble Chase LLC; Bayer Corporation; MedPanel; Bee Tree Consulting; MESCO; ltd; Nationwide Financial; Biotest Pharmaceuticals; Omicron Canada Inc.; Wells Fargo; One Communications; Bosch Power Tools; Parallel Consulting; Bristow Group; Porsche Cars North Americq; Oracle; Prescience International; BT Conferencing; ProVeritas Management Consulting; Celgene Pte Ltd; Reliance Industries Limited; Johnson & Johnson; Royal Thai Air Force; CIT Group; Sales Channel Europe; Citibank; City of Houston; Pfizer; Commutateur; Corium International Inc.; Inspire Pharmaceuticals; Croda Inc; Deloitte; Quintiles; Eastwest Bank; Ethicon; Kimble Chase; Roche; Honeywell; Rockland Trust Company; KPMG; Sandoz; Cloud Currencies; HCA; Sanofi-Aventis; Lockheed Martin; Stryker; Grundfos Pumps Manufacturing Corp; Sunovion; Lundbeck; Fidelity Investments; Talecris; Genzyme; Thermo Fisher; Medtronic; Vertex Pharmaceuticals; Genentech; Vimta Labs; GlaxoSmithKline; Novartis; Olympus Corporation; Avaya; Astellas; AstraZeneca; Alcon; Bank of America; Baxter Healthcare; Becton Dickinson; Bell Canada; BioCentric; Cephalon; Countrywide Financial; Elan Corporation; EMD Serono; Exelixis

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