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Customer Service Call Center Organizational Structures

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Published: Pre-2019

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Study Overview:

One of the most critical service challenges businesses face today is driving cost efficiency in call centers while maintaining the quality of customer interactions. In this 35-slide presentation, call center leaders, representing a broad spectrum of industries, weighed in on their call center environments, the expanding roles of their call center staff, including the current and prospective challenges they face.

The study will help call center managers and executives understand the prevalence of organizational structure models, as well as compare their call center performance to others' using productivity, performance and quality metrics, customer satisfaction drivers and management best practices.

Topic Areas:

  • Customer Types Served
  • Types of Call Center Organizational Structures
  • Outsourcing Utilization
  • Call Center Business Objectives and Satisfaction Drivers
  • Agent Responsibilities
  • Operational Costs Supporting Technology
  • Utilization of Workforce Management Tools
  • Productivity Metrics
  • Performance Measures
  • Top Challenges
  • Best Practices in Using Technology, Training Agents and Customer Satisfaction Monitoring

Key Metrics:
Percent of call center respondents that:
  • Have call centers with particular FTE and staff size
  • Service different types of customers
  • Use certain kinds of call center models
  • Anticipate particular organizational changes
  • Outsource their call centers by reason
  • Give their call center business objectives one of five importance ratings
  • Use certain customer satisfaction metrics
  • Employ various criteria for customer differentiation
  • Have their agents perform specified responsibilities
  • Support channels such as voice, fax, email and chat
  • Invest in technology within specific budget percentage ranges
  • Use workforce management tools
  • Employ specific operational metrics (e.g., abandon rate, speed of answer, etc.)
  • Use several types of performance quality measures
  • Report certain top challenges

Average productivity and quality targets:
  • Abandon rate
  • Service levels (percent within 10, 20 and 30 seconds)
  • Speed of answer
  • Handle time
  • First call resolution
  • Agent availability
  • After call work
  • Contacts per agent
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Call monitoring
  • Courtesy/professionalism
  • Product/procedural knowledge
  • Accuracy in problem solving
  • Agent performance
  • Listening skills
  • Decision-making authority

Sample Key Findings:
  • Slightly more than half of respondents differentiate customer service levels, with the majority using revenue generation as the distinguishing criteria.
  • Gaps in alignment of quality measures with identified customer satisfaction drivers reveal areas for many benchmark companies to improve customer service and leverage customer loyalty.
Best Practices, LLC surveyed 62 participant companies, representing such industries as finance, real estate, insurance, services, manufacturing, utilities, government and others. The study was completed for a Research & Advisory Services member.

Industries Profiled:
Financial Services; Insurance; Manufacturing; Consulting; Retail; Distribution; Medical Device; Education; Professional Services; Biotech; Technology; Health Care; Diagnostic; Pharmaceutical; Clinical Research; Science; Chemical; Electronics; Computers; Government; High Tech; Technology; Computer Hardware; Publishing; Utilities; Telecommunications; Media; Research; Internet; Computer Software; Academic; Automobile

Companies Profiled:
Allstate Insurance Company; Carpenter Technology Corp; Accident Fund Company; Chase Insurance; BI; Coalesce; Canon ITS; Datacard; Brookstone; Deutz Corp; Dade Behring; DISA; EDS; Egenera; Hewlett-Packard; EIG; Kalmbach Publishing; Ergon Energy; Kodak; Federal Reserve Bank; Misys International Banking Systems; GE transportation; Sony; Harlequin Distribution; Telkom Divre 2; Idea Cellular; Thomson; Inforonics; LLC; Toshiba; Irwin Industrial; Wachovia; J2 Global; Jonas Software; Lane County; Massey University; Mefin Sinaia; Millinneum Group; Midwest Wireless; MMSI; Nova Chemical; RCN; Speakman Company; TDECU; Transcore Commercial Services; Vic Roads; WR Grace

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