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Products & Services Product Launch Influences on Market Entry

Primary Care Launch & Physician Engagement: Promotion, PCP Habits and Internal Sales Preparation

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Published: 2021

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A new product launch often requires a distinct and comprehensive primary care strategy, with innovative physician promotion and internal sales preparation critical facets of launch planning.

Best Practices, LLC conducted this meta-analysis research to assist launch planning in three critical areas: primary care messaging, PCP habits and internal sales preparation. The meta-analysis distills need-to-know insights from a detailed probe of 18 of our primary benchmark research and launch case studies.

This study not only examines successful primary care physician engagement tactics for an effective launch, but also illustrates how companies can leverage key product advantages and avoid common industry pitfalls.


  • Executive Summary: Methodology, Participants, & Key Findings
  • Primary Care Promotion and Messaging
  • Primary Care Physician Habits
  • Internal Sales Preparation


III. Promotion and Messaging

  • Most effective education topics for healthcare providers in increasing pull-through
  • Building market understanding and acceptance through physician education
  • Targeting multiple segments
  • Mapping and managing communication across the patient journey
  • Percentage of the total patient initiatives spend for the franchise/brand invested in patients at
    each stage of their journey
  • Effectiveness of various channels/media for delivering education programs to customers
  • Using the complete market research toolkit to glean market insights
  • Informing physicians about both the disease and the drug
  • Key education and communication insights from Januvia’s launch
  • Educating and informing the “Total Office Call” framework
  • Parallel physician and staff relationships development
  • Addressing coverage concerns
  • Constructing clinic and institution archetypes to guide effective PCP interactions
  • Using integrated Total-Office-Call performance metrics
  • Selling messages per PCP sales call
  • Accelerated use of virtual PCP engagement models owing to COVID-19
  • Necessary digital resources to execute roles efficiently

IV. PCP Habits

  • Tailoring physician education approaches to reflect the backgrounds of the audience
  • Highlighting franchise commitment and leadership to win credibility
  • Defining target patient population / candidates for PCPs
  • Winning physician's initial trial of a new product
  • Habit disruption model to break through with reluctant physicians
  • Impact of personal interactions
  • Effectiveness of early physician education and engagement activities that prove most helpful to market entry and success in a competitive marketplace
  • Targeting non-physician prescription writers
  • Advantages of PCP e-sampling
  • E-sampling for high-potential PCPs
  • Effect of therapeutic area and market size on physician e-sampling sample volume
  • Education initiatives for non-physician decision-makers

V. Internal Sales Organization Considerations
  • Primary structure determining sales rep distribution
  • Sales rep to District Manager target span of control
  • District (first-line) managers to regional managers span of control
  • Timing of sales force training prior to a new product launch
  • Selling days in field
  • Physician sales call frequency by country type
  • Most important sales performance measures used when evaluating sales reps on administration skills
  • Anatomy of how top performers get into phone favorites list
  • Critical skills for primary care penetration
  • Virtual training for rep development
  • Average number of hours of launch training provided per District Manager and per sales representative in advance of a new product launch
  • Ideal percentage of total pre-launch training that should be allocated to key launch training activities
  • Effectiveness of various approaches to deliver launch training
  • Use of iPads, zoom and other digital tools for effective presentations
  • Januvia’s buzz creation among physicians
  • Utilization ranking of social media activities to generate disease awareness
  • Volume of District Manager launch training
  • District Manager launch training curriculum topics
  • Adjusting global training rollout to meet local requirements

  • Channel Effectiveness: Special events, such as screenings, health fairs and fitness events, are “highly effective” for delivering education programs to customers, according to 33% of study participants, while 21% find instructional videos “highly effective.”.

Best Practices, LLC employed a four-step approach in conducting this meta-analysis. Phase I involved search around key physician engagement areas, phase II involved a detailed probe of 18 of our benchmark studies, data was harvested in phase III to develop insights, and phase IV involved the organization of insights in a framework.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Health Care

Companies Profiled:
Merck; Eli Lilly

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