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Deploying the iPad or Android-Based Tablet to Medical Science Liaison Teams: Benchmarking Training and Effectiveness

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Published: Pre-2019

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As Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) increasingly face restricted access to physicians and KOLs, it is important for biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to empower MSLs with new processes and tools that facilitate rapid and effective customer engagement. As a result, iPads and android-based tablets have become fairly mainstream for MSLs when it comes to pharma detailing.

Although mainstream, the deployment of iPads and android-based tablets to Medical Science Liaison teams is ridden with challenges such as managing content, providing adequate training, CRM integration and measuring effectiveness.

Best Practices, LLC undertook benchmarking research to identify the key challenges, lessons learned and best practices when deploying iPads or android-based tablets to MSL teams. Specifically, this report provides benchmarks around the extent of device implementation, training around tablet usage, content delivery and usage, tablets compliance with CRM systems, security concerns and measurement of key performance indicators.

Industries Profiled:
Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Diagnostic; Medical Device; Consumer Products; Manufacturing; Biotech; Biopharmaceutical; Clinical Research; Laboratories

Companies Profiled:
Abbott; Abbvie; Baxter; Boehringer Ingelheim; DePuy Synthes; Eisai; Fresenius Medical Care; Merck; Novartis; Phillips; QuintilesIMS; Roche; Sanofi; Santen; Shire; Sunovion

Study Snapshot

Best Practices, LLC engaged 22 Medical Affairs leaders from 16 leading biopharmaceutical and medical device companies through a benchmarking survey. Participants have direct experience working with field-based medical teams. Almost 70% of participants are at director level or senior MSL positions.
Key topics covered in this report include:

  • Extent of iPad / Android-Based Tablet Implementation
  • Setting of Training
  • Tablets Compliance with CRM Systems
  • Concerns on Security
  • Measuring iPad / Android-Based Tablet Effectiveness

Key Findings

  • Use of iPads for MSLs Increasing: Benchmark class was well aware of importance of iPads during KOL engagement. In line with this, 74% have distributed tablets to all MSLs while 15% have either distributed them to MSLs in key brands or plan to deploy them in next year.
  • Majority Training for MSLs is Carried Out by IT Department: Ninety-four percent of the training to MSLs is implemented by the IT department. In contrast, in 2014, at 63% of companies IT used to lead training. MSLs are also trained on tablets by other departments such as Leadership and Training (50%).

Table of Contents

I.Executive Summarypgs. 4-11
Research Overviewpg. 4
Participating Companiespg. 5
Key Recommendationspg. 6
Key Findingspgs. 7-11
II.Extent of Implementationpgs. 12-18
III.Setting of Trainingpgs. 19-24
IV.Content Delivery and Usagepgs. 25-28
V.CRM Integration, Security and Compliancepgs. 29-34
VI.Measuring Effectivenesspgs. 35-40
VII.Top Challenges and Best Practices in Using iPads/Android Tabletspgs. 41-45
VIII.About Best Practices, LLCpgs. 46-47

    List of Charts & Exhibits

      Extent of Implementation
    • State of implementation of iPads/android-based tablets among participants’ Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs)
    • Deployment tenure (in months) of iPads/android-based tablets
    • Forecasted usage of iPads/android-based tablets
    • Which of the following technological set-ups best describes how your MSLs currently are equipped?
    • Technological set-ups within participants’ MSL teams
    • Plans of device streamlining in the future (in case of use of multiple devices)
    • Listed peripheral devices used to complement an iPad/android-based device in the field

      Setting of Training
    • Departments involved in the training of MSLs with respect to iPads/android-based tablets usage
    • Types of training offered around iPad and android-based deployment
    • Duration of training programs for iPad/android-based tablet usage
    • Whether customized or non-customized training provided to MSLs
    • Training formats used to educate staff about new devices

      Content Delivery and Usage
    • Responsible group for streamlining and integrating iPads/androids into existing computer networks
    • Group responsibility for creating the software and applications for organization's iPads/android tablets
    • Activities performed by MSLs using iPads/android-based tablets in the field
    • Barriers encountered by MSLs using iPads in the field

      CRM Integration, Security and Compliance
    • Integration with CRM apps on iPads/androids
    • Preferred CRM vendors
    • Use of a separate Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) company or platform in addition to CRM or not
    • Security planning and procedure in place for when tablets are misplaced or stolen
    • Data confidentiality capabilities and monitoring system security
    • Compliance check frequency and department responsibility
    • Importance of MSLs accessing company's information while deployed in the field
    • Whether MSLs are allowed to access the company's information through VPN or cloud database

      Measuring Effectiveness
    • KPIs used to measure iPad/android effectiveness for MSL teams
    • Estimated percentage change in indicated KPI performance since deploying an iPad/android tablet to MSLs in the organization
    • Effectiveness of iPad/android-based tablet presentation to a physician/KOL in comparison to printed material or PC presentation
    • Physician/KOL demographic more likely to be engaged during an MSL visit including the use of iPads/android tablets
    • Change in physician/KOL perception of call quality since iPad/android deployment
    • Return on Investment (ROI) on iPad/android tablets for MSLs in organizations
    • Activities for which ROI on iPad/android tablets is most important

      Challenges and Best Practices
    • Top three challenges encountered when deploying iPads/android devices to MSLs within the organization
    • Top three best practices in making iPad/android deployment a successful investment