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Deploying the iPad or Android-Based Tablet to Sales and Managed Markets Teams: Benchmarking Training and Effectiveness (Updated 2014)

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Published: Pre-2016

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With increasing adoption rates of iPads amongst physicians and patients these devices have risen beyond just technology upgrades to become integral part of sales strategy and processes. Pharmaceutical companies in order to realize full benefits of iPads, require a strong mobility strategy that can integrate pre-existing processes and systems with these devices at the outset.

Best Practices LLC's study identifies the key challenges, lessons learned and best practices for deploying iPads or Android-Based tablets to large customer-facing commercial groups within BioPharma and Medical Device organizations.

The study provides a comparative view over the year 2011 that can serve as a reference point for Sales and Managed Market leaders in future budgeting and strategic planning.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Medical Device; Academic; Health Care; Manufacturing; Consumer Products; Diagnostic; Electronics; Biopharmaceutical; Clinical Research; Laboratories; Science; Research; Telecommunications; Professional Services; Energy; Chemical

Companies Profiled:
Janssen; Insorb; Boehringer Ingelheim; Rimedio; Abbott Nutrition; Lung LLC; Bayer; Allergan; Biocon; Amgen; Sanofi Pasteur; Panasonic; LEO Pharma; Novo Nordisk; Almirall; Biogen Idec; Sanofi; Lupin; UCB Pharma; cipla; Salix Pharmaceutical; Sunovion; Edward Lifesciences; Johnson & Johnson; LifeScan; Covance; GlaxoSmithKline ; AstraZeneca; Mylan; Baxter International; Siemens; Shire; Genzyme; Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Astellas; Zydus Cadila; Abbvie; Genentech; Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Study Snapshot

This study engaged 59 Sales and Managed Market leaders from 40 companies; all participants share leadership and oversight of Sales, Training, and Commercial groups at their healthcare organizations. Representatives from some companies participated in interviews.

Where applicable, the study compares data from 2011 with 2013 to show the trends and changes that are occurring in the market.

Key topics include:

  • Training
  • Content Delivery and Usage
  • Syncing Tablets with CRM Systems
  • Security and Compliance Concerns
  • Measuring Effectiveness
  • Challenges and Best Practices

Sample Key Findings

Integration with Managed Markets: Compared to Sales, the rate of deployment is much lower for Managed Market teams. In 2013, 29% of benchmark partners have implemented iPads for their Managed Market teams compared to 21% in 2011. iPads still continue to be the preferred device amongst benchmark partners in 2013.
  • Vendor Selection: Vendors are an integral part of implementing iPads and selecting them can be very complicated. Analyze your business requirement and be clear about your process while selecting a vendor for content management. Identify a team responsible for monitoring the work done by vendors especially for content.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary
    • Research Overview
    • Participating Companies
    • High Level Key Trends Observed
    • Key Findings & Insights
  • Current State of iPad Deployment
  • Training for iPad Devices
  • iPad Integration and Systems Development
  • iPad Security and Compliance
  • Productivity Applications for iPads
  • Field Usage and Measuring Effectiveness
  • Top Challenges and Keys Success Factors for iPad Deployment
  • Universe of Learning: Key Demographics of Participating Companies
  • Appendix

Sample List of Charts & Exhibits

How iPads/ Android based tablets are implemented in commercial organizations?
  • What devices are being deployed in commercial organizations?
  • How training are been implemented for the use of iPads/ Android based tablets within the commercial organizations?
  • Types of training conducted for iPad/ Android based tablets usage
  • Time spent in training for iPad/ Android based tablets deployment
  • Standardized training for all representatives regardless of region or therapeutic area
  • Groups responsible for streamlining and integrating iPads/ Android into existing computer networks
  • iPad/ Android tablets security procedures and plans monitored
  • Responsibility for monitoring iPads/ Andriod compliance
  • Frequent check on electronic histories to ensure compliance
  • Utilization of CRM apps on iPads/ Android based tablets in the field
  • Managed market team integreated with CRM
  • Sales force/ Managed market team use iPads/ Android based tablets in the field
  • Effectivenss of using iPads for sales and managed market activities
  • KPI's measured for the effectiveness of iPads/ Androd as a sales tool
  • Changes in KPI performance since deployment on iPads/ Android based tablets in commercial organizations
  • Barriers to access and utilization of iPads/ Android tablets
  • Effectiveness of iPads vs othe media
  • Impact on Managed market teams using iPads/ Android tablets
  • ROI status on implementing iPads
  • Top challenges faced while deploying iPads/ Android tablets in commercial organizations
  • Top best practices on making iPads/ Android tablets deployment a successful investment