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HCP Engagement Excellence: Optimizing Contracting Processes, Resources and Internal Interactions for Engaging Physicians and other HCPs

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Published: 2022

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While biopharma and medical device companies seek to maximize the impact of their HCP engagements, these engagements often come under regulatory scrutiny. Establishing an effective HCP contracting process is, therefore, critical to maintain compliant HCP relationships across global markets.

Key facets that healthcare organizations must focus on in order to optimize their HCP contracting processes include timelines, resourcing, and internal coordination with different stakeholder functions.

Best Practices, LLC undertook this benchmarking research to help biopharma HCP contracting groups better understand the contracting process across different geographies. The report establishes benchmarks on HCP contracting processes, effective approaches, timelines, and staffing levels. This report also examines the key tactics for reducing HCP contracting complexities and speeding up the process.

Research insights are segmented by geographic perspectives: US Contracting; Global US Contracting for EU; and Global US Contracting outside EU/US.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Biopharmaceutical; Manufacturing; Consumer Products; Diagnostic; Medical Device; Health Care; Communications

Companies Profiled:
AbbVie; Amgen; Apellis Pharmaceuticals; Bayer; Baxter International; Eisai; Eurofarma; Fidia; Heron Therapeutics; Imbrium Therapeutics; Ipsen; Jazz Pharmaceuticals; Kyowa Kirin; Medexus Pharmaceuticals; Merck KGaA; NexGen Healthcare Communications; Pfizer; Sandoz; Takeda Pharmaceuticals; UCB Pharma

Study Snapshot

Best Practices, LLC engaged 20 leaders from 20 organizations for this study. Deep-dive interviews were also conducted with four leaders to capture their insights about HCP contracting.

Key topics covered in this report include:

  • HCP Engagement Contracting Process
  • Tactics for Reducing HCP Contracting Complexities
  • HCP Contracting Timeline and Effectiveness
  • Resourcing for HCP Engagement Contracting
  • Internal Stakeholder Approval for HCP Engagement
  • Contract Review and Approval

Key Findings

Select key insights uncovered from this report are noted below. Detailed findings are available in the full report.

1. HCP Contracting Timeline:

  • Global US contracting for EU takes longer than US and Outside-EU/US contracting: On average, it takes about 3 months for global US contracting for EU, whereas it takes 2 months or less for US contracting and global US contracting outside EU/US.

2. Contracting HCP Outside of US:

  • Contract Review and Approval: For 60% of the benchmark class, local country approves and global US group reviews and approves when contracting HCP outside US. Fifteen percent require only local review and approval, whereas 10% require only global US review and approval.

Table of Contents

Sr. No.
Slide No.
Executive SummaryPg. 4-10
Study OverviewPg. 5
Universe of LearningPg. 6
Executive DashboardsPg. 7-9
HCPs Engagement Programs and Geographic PerspectivePg. 11-13
HCP Engagement Contracting ProcessPg. 14-34
Resourcing for HCP Engagement ContractingPg. 35-47
HCP Contracting: Voices from the FieldPg. 48-58
About Best Practices, LLCPg. 59

    List of Charts & Exhibits

    I. HCPs Engagement Programs and Geographic Perspective

    • Functional orientation of HCP engagement programs and Types of medical and/or commercial programs that external HCPs are utilized for
    • Geographic representation of the contracted HCPs

    II. HCP Engagement Contracting Process

    • Effectiveness of benchmark companies’ contracting process for engaging HCPs (advisory boards, consulting, etc.)
    • Interview narrative around driving HCP contracting effectiveness in EU
    • Average time taken from program approval to program execution for the types of HCP contracting listed
    • Interview narrative around lead time required for executing HCP contracts in various countries
    • Interview narrative around EU HCP contracting challenges
    • Steps used as part of the HCP pre-contracting process for the types of HCP contracting listed
    • Steps used as part of the HCP post-contracting process for the types of HCP contracting listed
    • Average HCP contracting process timeline for global US contracting for EU and optimal timeline for the same
    • Interview narrative around complications surrounding EU contracting
    • Average HCP contracting process timeline for global US contracting outside EU/US and optimal timeline for the same
    • Benchmark success at reducing complexities that are/were inherent in the HCP engagement contracting process
    • Tactics for reducing HCP engagement contracting complexities
    • Partner narratives around how they reduced contracting complexities
    • Interview narrative around the use of templates for HCP engagements
    • Interview narrative around accelerating the HCP contracting process
    • Interview narrative around having a flexible HCP contract
    • Interview narrative around the use of master service agreements

    III. Resourcing for HCP Engagement Contracting

    • Total HCP engagement contracts processed per FTE, on average, in a year for all HCP-related programs (ad boards, consulting, etc.)
    • Total number of FTEs (in-house and vendor staff) employed in the group that handles HCP engagement contracting
    • Functions involved in managing/processing a HCP engagement contract
    • Interview narrative around impediments to the HCP contracting process
    • Internal stakeholders that are responsible for approving contracts for HCP engagement (e.g. ad board, consulting engagement, etc.)
    • Interview narrative around the key to speeding up HCP contracting
    • Contract review and approval requirements when global US is contracting a HCP licensed outside of the US
    • Interview narrative around EU cross border agreements
    • Types of approvals required/issued by local contracting groups in addition to global US approvals
    • Interview narrative around impact of additional contracting approval require on timeline
    • Interview narrative around different rules and requirements for HCP contracting in EU
    • Interview narrative around restrictions in France

    IV. HCP Contracting: Voices from the Field

    • Interview narrative around contact management systems
    • Interview narrative around common systems for HCP contracting
    • Interview narrative around another stumbling block for HCP contracting
    • Interview narrative around exception process for disputes
    • Interview narrative around structural stumbling block for HCP contracting
    • Interview narrative with example of an effective contracting process
    • Interview narrative around dedicated contracting groups
    • Interview narrative around use of centralized groups for HCP contracting for US and Outside-US
    • Interview narrative around the contracting process
    • Interview narrative around contracting control