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Increasing Sales Productivity Through Superior Performance Management

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Published: Pre-2019

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This Best Practices, LLC Benchmarking Slide Report provides insights from 13 companies across 16 countries captured through survey and interviews on how to best structure and deploy global sales forces and to measure sales representative performance to best increase sales productivity.

This study contains 64 graphics, 7 manager or executive narratives and 31 metrics. Unique metrics in the research study include companies’ actual minimum performance level targets for the five most critical performance measures that drive sales. The study also includes details on how companies structure and adjust their sales force over a “lifecycle” as the sales force grows and matures as well as insights on district manager productivity and coaching excellence. Metrics in this area include span of control for representatives to district managers and for district managers to regional managers.

See the Table of Contents & List of Exhibits, Key Findings and a Study Snapshot by clicking on the icons below and download the free study summary by clicking on 'Download Free Excerpt' to the right.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Health Care; Biotech

Companies Profiled:
AstraZeneca; Berlex; Boehringer Ingelheim; Eli Lilly; GlaxoSmithKlineJanssen; Merck; Novartis; Organon; Pfizer; Schering Plough; TEAMM Pharmaceuticals

Study Snapshot

Winning sales performance doesn't just happen. Companies structure and deploy their sales forces and measure their performance to ensure that they have the greatest chance of achieving top sales performance. This 64-slide presentation reveals how 13 pharmaceutical companies across 16 countries shape their sales forces and measure their sales reps performance to capture the largest share of a market.

More specifically, it covers how companies adjust their sales forces over a "lifecycle" as the sales force grows and matures, how companies define district manager productivity and coaching excellence and how they rate the performance measures most commonly used to increase sales productivity. Out of these performance measures, companies list the five that they deem most critical to sales rep performance and the minimal acceptable performance level for reps. Overall, the presentation includes:

  • 64 Information Graphics
  • 7 Manager or Executive Narratives
  • 31 Metrics

Five key findings synthesize the metrics and companies' priorities for increasing sales productivity through sales performance management. Included in the presentation results are:
  • the five most critical performance measures that companies use to assess rep performance
  • a rating of these performance measures to gauge their importance to increasing sales productivity
  • actual minimum acceptable levels for the five most critical performance measures
Key Findings

Best Practices, LLC identified and profiled key findings that summarize how leading pharmaceutical companies structure and manage their sales forces to increase sales productivity. From a survey and interviews, several key findings emerged. A sample of one key finding follows:
  • Grow business by cultivating prescriber relationships through value-added services, including samples, medical education, patient education, business information and other insights that enable the doctor to better serve patients.

In all regions of the world, sales reps are saturating markets, making the job of distinguishing a company and its products far more difficult than in years past. To counter this trend, benchmarked companies cited the delivery of superior service to physicians as one of the only ways of standing out.

Some companies emphasize service in terms of a rep’s ability to quickly initiate and navigate clinical conversations that are pertinent to each physician, including using that physician’s most frequent or difficult patient profile as a springboard for discussion. Companies also stress other services, including rep’s assistance of physicians with the effective operation of their practices, such as helping them complete reimbursement forms.

Table of Contents

Study Objectives
  • Benchmark Class
  • Key Findings & Insights
  • Adjusting for Sales Force Evolution & Lifecycle
  • District Manager Productivity
  • Coaching for Sales Execution Excellence
  • Best Metrics for Optimizing Performance Management and Coaching
  • Setting Standards for Performance Excellence
  • Path Forward

List of Charts & Exhibits

Slide 1: Increasing Sales Productivity Through Superior Sales Performance Management
Slide 2: Study Objectives
Slide 3: Universe of Learning
Slide 4: Global Insights
Slide 5: Key Findings & Insights
Slide 6: Adjusting for Sales Force Evolution & Lifecycle
Slide 7: Growth Insight 1 - Performance Mgt.
Slide 8: Evolution of Sales Force Lifecycle
Slide 9: Sales Force Structure
Slide 10: Sales Force Maturity Spectrum
Slide 11: Sales Force Size & Product Coverage
Slide 12: Product Focus Supports Mastery
Slide 13: Factors Driving Sales Force Size
Slide 14: Doctors Per Territory
Slide 15: Lifecycle & Influence Ecosystem
Slide 16: District Manager Productivity
Slide 17: Growth Insight 2 - District Managers
Slide 18: District Manager Productivity
Slide 19: Span of Control: DMs to Regional Mgrs.
Slide 20: Span of Control: Reps To District Mgr.
Slide 21: Extending Span of Control
Slide 22: Key Activities for District Managers
Slide 23: Targeting Reps in Greatest Need
Slide 24: Coaching for Sales Execution Excellence
Slide 25: Growth Insight 3 - Gaining Access
Slide 26: Call Frequency
Slide 27: Measuring Sales Performance
Slide 28: Product Knowledge
Slide 29: Pre-Call Preparation
Slide 30: Selling Skills
Slide 31: Post-Call Analysis
Slide 32: Growth Insight 4 - Targeting
Slide 33: Territory Management
Slide 34: Performance Metrics - Targeting
Slide 35: Targeting to Achieve Territory Potential: Segmenting Targets
Slide 36: DM Roles in Targeting
Slide 37: Employ Super Targeting
Slide 38: Targeting & Lifecycle
Slide 39: Targeting Tactics & Sales Impact
Slide 40: Launch Cycle Performance Mgt
Slide 41: Growth Insight 5 - Relationships
Slide 42: Relationship Mgt in Offices
Slide 43: Relationship Mgt in Hospitals
Slide 44: Program Effectiveness
Slide 45: Sample Management
Slide 46: Sales Administration
Slide 47: Best Metrics for Optimizing Performance Management and Coaching
Slide 48: Favored Performance Metrics
Slide 49: 1) Best Metrics - Call Frequency
Slide 50: 2) Best Metrics - Targeting
Slide 51: 3) Best Metrics - Market Share
Slide 52: 4) Best Metrics - Selling Skills
Slide 53: 5) Best Metrics: Sales Performance
Slide 54: Setting Standards of Performance Excellence
Slide 55: Standards of Excellence - Call Frequency
Slide 56: Standards of Excellence - Messaging
Slide 57: Standards of Excellence - Hospital Visits
Slide 58: Standards of Excellence - Days In Field
Slide 59: Standards of Excellence - Pharmacy Visits
Slide 60: Standards of Excellence - Targeting
Slide 61: Path Forward
Slide 62: Path Forward