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Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty: Meeting Proceedings

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Customer satisfaction drives sales. Retaining and increasing the number of loyal customers continues to be a growing concern among organizations world wide. Effectively empowering the employee to serve the customer continues to result in higher customer satisfaction.

At the February 2005 Global Benchmarking Council conference on employee engagement and customer loyalty, best practices were shared in identifying and improving drivers that are proving most effective in engaging employees in their jobs, their companies and their work groups.

Managers, directors and vice presidents of marketing, systems analysts, programs, labor, financial operations, human resources and other professionals with interest in customer satisfaction and loyalty will benefit most from the case studies of nine leading companies and the summarized transcript from a facilitated roundtable discussion.

Most of the case studies listed below include speaker biographies and company background, key challenges company leaders faced and how they overcame them. Other case studies include either a recent benchmarking study or best practices in improving customer satisfaction. Speaker anecdotes, quotes, select slides, insights and key take-aways all liven the case studies with personal touches and graphics.

  • Microsoft shared how it links employee engagement and customer loyalty for improved quality and corporate performance in “Increasing Customer and Partner Satisfaction Step by Step.”
  • Texas Instruments illustrated the importance of intensive customer satisfaction surveys and how to best develop and use them in “Driving Continuous Customer Satisfaction Improvement.”
  • 3M described its use of six crucial leadership attributes to measure its “Employee Brand,” which the company relies on as a key indicator of company success in “3M Employment Brand Story.”
  • Verizon emphasized a combination of multiple statistics and surveys to measure employee engagement and customer satisfaction in “Linking Employee Engagement with Productivity and Customer Satisfaction at Verizon.”
  • Freescale Semiconductors explained how they created a high performance culture by holding employees accountable and increasing employee autonomy in “Parallel Processes for Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty.”
  • Tennessee Valley Authority described how measuring employee engagement through a Cultural Health Index and aligning employees through the use of scorecards and performance measurement systems enabled TVA to determine the ROI of employees in “Cultural Health Index and Employee Engagement.”
  • Star Gas Partners, LLC discussed how it reorganized its corporate structure in order to improve its low customer experience ratings by empowering its employees with values of customer satisfaction in “Connecting Employee Engagement with Customer Loyalty.”
  • Metrus Group proposed that companies should incorporate other methods of measuring ROI of employees rather than relying solely on employee engagement in “The Dark Side of Employee Engagement: Doing it Right to Keep from Going Very Wrong.”
  • Best Practices, LLC shared how effective performance management is integral to engaging employees. In addition, their study demonstrates that engaged employees are linked to heightened productivity and quality in “Fostering High Productivity through Employee Engagement.”
  • Maxine Shapiro, Inc. led an Action Learning Workshop. The topic: How instilling employees with positive and productive attitudes result in satisfied customers.

GBC members and guests utilized the above case studies to foster discussion in the following areas:
  • Survey Development and Administration
  • Linking Employee Engagement to Customer Loyalty and Corporate Performance
  • Performance Metrics, Tools & Vendors For Employee Engagement Management

This report was compiled from notes taken during speaker presentations and in-depth roundtable discussions at the February 2005 Global Benchmarking Council meeting, “Linking Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty.” For more information on the Global Benchmarking Council or to register for upcoming meetings, visit www.best-in-class.com/gbc.

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Industries Profiled:
Computer Software; High Tech; Electronics; Manufacturing; Medical Device; Pharmaceutical; Energy; Telecommunications; Professional Services; Consulting

Companies Profiled:
Microsoft; Texas Instruments; 3M; Freescale; Tennessee Valley Authority; Verizon; Metrus Group; Star Gas Partners LLC; Maxine Shapiro; Best Practices LLC

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