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Pathways To Excellence: Trends in Lean and Six Sigma Research Bundle

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Published: Pre-2014

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This bundle includes best practice case studies presented at the August 2005 Global Benchmarking Council (GBC) conference on Trends in Lean, Six Sigma & Process Excellence: From Early Adopters to Agile Innovators and three sample benchmarking studies conducted by members of Best Practices, LLC's Quality and Performance Forum.

Best Practice Case Studies
At the GBC meeting, Members, speakers and invited guests discussed how to restore balance in their Six Sigma deployment systems, including debate about “tools for tools sake,” the cult of Six Sigma, Black Belt retention, and other issues critical to sustained success.

  • GE Consumer Finance shared details about GE’s present day Six Sigma in Services, including GE’s new Action Workouts, like the old workouts with Kaizen speed and focus.
  • NCCI Holdings shared how she leveraged the tools of Six Sigma in the call center under the guise of “Problem Solving” in a skinny, stealth grassroots-up model of deployment.
  • Sun Microsystems provided some interesting perspectives, spanning her experience at Allied, Brooks PRI, Sun and as a Baldrige examiner regarding the value of preventative maintenance on the “system,” e.g., reboots to prevent “system crashes” or “system hangs.”
  • Roundtable Discussions included:
    - Deploying Six Sigma in Administrative Functions
    - How to Achieve Balance in the System
    - Applying Lean Principles Outside of Manufacturing
  • Xerox shared Xerox successes in deploying Six Sigma in call centers, to drive sales, and with customers.
  • Florida Department of Revenue shared his perspective on the journey to quality for a government organization.
  • The U.S. Navy’s Best Manufacturing Practices Program gave a demonstration of their Best Practice Database, a free resource that contains over 2,400 best manufacturing practices gleaned from site visits at innovative manufacturing organizations.
  • Fuller Jones & Associates challenged common perceptions of what constitutes a successful Six Sigma deployment, e.g., number of belts trained and projects completed. They encouraged the audience to consider behavior-based training as a way to empower managers to lead change across multiple processes simultaneously.
Members of the Global Benchmarking Council (GBC) have access to these and hunderds of other best practice presentations in PowerPoint format as well as an extensive benchmarking network directory that includes all prior speakers and executives committed to ongoing information exchange.

Sample Quality Benchmarking Research
  • Management Trends: Quality leaders must assess which management tools and approaches will lead to high performance. Then they must fit the right tools to the right situations for their company’s lifecycle and competitive landscape.
  • Fitting Quality Structures To Competitive Needs: Quality leaders evolve their forms and approaches to optimize performance in different life stages of their organizations.
  • Leadership & Investment: Resources are always limited. Quality leaders must determine where best to invest capital and staff resources to drive grow and productivity.
  • Productivity Benchmarks: Quality leaders use benchmarks to gauge their organizations health, progress and relative productivity.

This research was gathered from three separate Rapid Benchmark Exchange studies conducted on behalf of Best Practices, LLC's Quality and Performance Forum members. A Rapid Benchmark Exchange consists of a quick-turnaround survey (4-6 weeks) to identify high performers for a given practice area. This survey is followed by a series of qualitative interviews to glean best practices from high-performing executives.

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Industries Profiled:
Manufacturing; Medical Device; Pharmaceutical; Telecommunications; Financial Services; Banking; Government; Consulting; Aerospace; Consumer Products; Energy; Computer Hardware; Computers; Chemical; Automobile; High Tech; Retail; Defense; Biotech; Health Care; Professional Services; Electronics; Computer Software

Companies Profiled:
3M; Avaya; Bank of America; Best Manufacturing Practices Center of Excellence; Best Practices LLC; Boeing; British Telecom; Coca-Cola; ConocoPhillips; Consolidated Container Company; Dell Computer; Dow Corning; DuPont; Eastman Kodak; Florida Department of Revenue; Ford; Fuller; General Mills; GE Money (formerly GE Consumer Finance); Harley-Davidson Financial Services; Hewlett-Packard; Home Depot; Honeywell; H. J. Heinz Company; Inc.; Johnson Controls; Jones & Associates; JP Morgan Chase; Kohler Company; Kraft Foods; Mayflower Vehicle Systems; Medtronic; Motorola; NCCI Holdings; NCR; Northrop Grumman; Now Foods; PerkinElmer; Pfizer; Raymond Corporation; Rockwell Automation; Siemens; Sony; Sun Microsystems; Verizon; Western Union; Xerox

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