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Patient Support Excellence: Program Activities and Alliances

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Study Overview

Throughout the pharmaceutical sector, organizations are instilling a patient-centric approach across their operations, from medical to commercial. Facing a competitive marketplace and patient-outcomes focused payers and regulators, pharmaceutical companies are turning to patient support programs and activities to drive clinical and commercial success. As pharma has enhanced its patient programs, the industry is continually evaluating which programs and alliances are most effective for enhancing patient-centricity.

Best Practices, LLC conducted this study to generate reliable industry metrics on which patient programs companies are using and which they believe are most effective. The study also reviews issues around partnerships with patient advocacy groups, including advocacy group activities and funding. The research also presents participants' best practices and pitfalls around patient support programs. This benchmarking study will provide patient support leaders with metrics and insights they can use to assess their patient support activities and alliances.

This study has small, medium and large company segments on some questions

Key Topics

  • Patient Support in Pharma
  • Program Activities and Alliances
  • Best Practices and Pitfalls

Sample Key Metrics
  • Rate the effectiveness of activities used as part of your Patient Support program
  • Rate importance of patient advocacy group activities
  • Approach that works best to deploy advocacy group grants
  • Level of legal department involvement in patient support activities
  • Describe any involvement patient support group has with health outcomes data collection
  • Share three best practices associated with effective patient support
  • Share three pitfalls associated with patient support programs

Sample Key Finding
  • Patient Assistance Programs Seen as Linchpin of Patient Support Activities: Co-pay assistance programs were clearly seen as the most effective Patient Support activity, with 71% citing that activity as highly effective. While no other activity was singled out as highly effective by most, 77% said celebrity spokespersons were either not used or had low effectiveness.
  • Patient Advocacy Activities Seen as Important Part of Patient Program: 100% of respondents felt creating alliances with advocacy groups was either highly important (56%) or moderately important(44%).

Study Methodology

Nineteen Patient Support leaders from 19 different companies participated in this study. Participants were recruited because of their involvement in Patient Support programs.

Industries Profiled:
Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Biopharmaceutical; Clinical Research; Laboratories; Medical Device; Chemical

Companies Profiled:
Sanofi; Merck; GlaxoSmithKline ; Novo Nordisk; Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer; Boehringer Ingelheim; AstraZeneca; Astellas; Baxter Healthcare; EMD Serono; Merck Serono; Celgene; UCB Pharma; Millenium; Dr Reddy's Laboratories; Roche; LEO Pharma; Horizon Pharma

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