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Patient Support Excellence: Program Structure and Effectiveness

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Study Overview

In the evolving global healthcare marketplace, a patient-centric approach has become a critical part of long-term success for pharmaceutical companies. Facing declining sales from patent losses and payer pressures, the pharma sector is turning to patient support programs and activities to help drive clinical and commercial success. As pharma has moved to enhance its patient programs, the industry has wrestled with both the structure and effectiveness of its patient support programs.

Best Practices, LLC conducted this study to generate reliable industry metrics on current patient support group structure and effectiveness. In particular, the study reviews current patient support group structure & reporting relationships and patient support program reach and effectiveness. This benchmarking study will provide patient support leaders with metrics and insights they can use to assess their patient support operations.

This study has small, medium and large company segments on some questions

Key Topics

  • Patient Support in Pharma
  • Program Structure
  • Program Effectiveness

Sample Key Metrics
  • Organizational structure of your Patient Support function
  • Function that Patient Support group works and reports to
  • Geographic levels that exist for Patient Support group
  • Job title that leads Patient Support group
  • Highest job title to whom Patient Support function reports
  • Where does Patient Support leadership/HQ reside?
  • Functions represented within Patient Support group
  • Rating the overall effectiveness of Patient Support group
  • Units/departments that provide funding for Patient Support programs
  • Percentage of patients targeted who are aware of Patient Support activities versus percentage of patients engaged in activities

Sample Key Finding
  • Patient Support Structure Varies by Company Size (Large Company Segment (LCS), Midsize Company Segment (MCS), Small Company Segment (SCS)):
    Patient Support Reporting Line
    43% of LCS reports to Marketing
    33% of MCS reports to Commercial
    50% of SCS have dedicated PS group

    Patient Support Group Structure
    42% of LCS is decentralized (14% centralized)
    66% of MCS is decentralized
    66% of SCS is centralized

  • Marketing is Key Function Found within Patient Support Groups: Marketing was the only function that a majority (53%) of participants said resides within their Patient Support group. Commercial and Patient Advocacy were the second most common functions (42%).

Study Methodology

Nineteen Patient Support leaders from 19 different companies participated in this study. Participants were recruited because of their involvement in Patient Support programs.

Industries Profiled:
Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Biopharmaceutical; Clinical Research; Laboratories; Medical Device; Chemical

Companies Profiled:
Sanofi; Merck; GlaxoSmithKline ; Novo Nordisk; Daiichi Sankyo; Pfizer; Boehringer Ingelheim; AstraZeneca; Astellas; Baxter Healthcare; EMD Serono; Merck Serono; Celgene; UCB Pharma; Millenium; Dr Reddy's Laboratories; Roche; LEO Pharma; Horizon Pharma

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