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Performance Measurement Tools to Drive Growth: Meeting Proceedings

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There are many different measures that can be taken to attain higher employee and customer satisfaction. The use of scoreboards, Six Sigma, customer surveys and other tools enable organizations to unveil the needs of the customer.

At the August 2004 Global Benchmarking Council meeting members and guests gathered to discuss the effects different tools have on the ability of an organization to achieve both employee and customer satisfaction.

Vice presidents, directors and managers of finance, sales, data analyst, marketing, quality and human resources will benefit most from the case studies of seven leading companies and the summarized transcripts from three facilitated roundtable discussions.

The case studies listed below include speaker biographies, company background and key examples in identifying, setting, capturing and communicating key performance metrics. The meeting report includes anecdotes, lessons learned, select slides, quotes, group discussions, insights, key take-aways, organizational progress assessment and a list of attendee-recommended resources.

  • Thomson Corporation revealed how launching a company-wide Balanced Scorecard in 2000 gave its autonomous business units a common language. Then, by making the scorecard an integral part of its three-year strategic planning cycle, Thomson was better able to identify opportunities and reallocate resources in “Holistic Performance Measurement Strategy at Thomson Corporation.”
  • Johnson & Johnson presented a similar evolutionary process of utilizing dashboards to automate the reporting process and linking scorecard metrics to incentives in “Dashboard Development in a Decentralized Environment.”
  • Cardinal Health shared recent empirical results that link its revenue-creation with its leading employee and customer satisfaction indicators in “Linking Performance to Profitability: Identifying Key Drivers of Success.”
  • Bank of America shared results of its "Test & Learn" pilot on how an inbound call center applied science to the art of marketing by using controlled tests and scripting to drive sales in “Test and Learn as a Tool to optimize Call Center Performance.”
  • Wells Fargo underscored the importance of anecdotes, storyboarding, and self-analysis tools in capturing the hearts and minds of employees. It also emphasized stakeholder management as critical to corporate performance measurement and strategy setting l. “Performance Measurement Tools to Drive Growth: From Good to Great.”
  • Northrop Grumman shared how it secured buy-in for and adoption of an activity-based costing system that affords the joint military forces real-time flexibility in workforce planning. “Resource Allocation within a Transforming Organization: An Approach to Align he Right Resources at the Right Time.”
  • Teradata provided impressive case studies of customer-centric companies and demonstrated how enterprise data warehouses enable real-time decision support based on a "single version of the truth in "Using Customer Knowledge and Analysis to Drive Profitabliity.”

The above case studies served as springboards for roundtable discussions on the following topics:
  • Linking Scorecards and Metrics to the Budgeting and Strategic Planning Process
  • Leveraging Management Tools to Drive Growth
  • Communicating the Value of Shared Services and Centers of Excellence

This report was compiled from notes taken during speaker presentations and in-depth roundtable discussions at the August 2004 Global Benchmarking Council meeting, "Performance Measurement: Tools to Drive Growth." For more information on the Global Benchmarking Council or to register for upcoming meetings, visit www.best-in-class.com/gbc.

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Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Health Care; Medical Device; Computer Software; Financial Services; Banking; Aerospace; Defense; Publishing; Media; Professional Services

Companies Profiled:
Cardinal Health; Johnson & Johnson; Teradata; Bank of America; Northrop Grumman; Wells Fargo; Thomson

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