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Pharmaceutical New Product Planning: Structure and Activities to Drive Growth & Profitability

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Published: Pre-2019

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Study Overview
Pharmaceutical and biotech companies are increasingly under pressure to deliver effective new products in shorter time frames while minimizing development costs. The structure, activities, and resources of New Product Planning (NPP) groups are critical to focusing new product development and optimizing product portfolios.

This research identifies the structure and roles of NPP groups as well as the full set of activities that NPP groups perform across the development cycle. The study details the strengths and weaknesses of various NPP organizational structures and how the operational characteristics of the NPP function evolves as a company matures. In addition, the research examines dozens of NPP development activities in terms of timing during the development process, intended outcomes and value for the organization.

Executives, directors, and managers in New Product Planning roles at pharmaceutical companies can use this report to implement structural changes to NPP operations and to enhance the interaction between Global and Regional NPP groups. In addition, this research provides leaders wtih actionable insights for strengthening the product development process of their organization to gain an overall competitive advantage in the marketplace.

NOTE: The data in this research are segmented into three parts: Global NPP Function for Large Pharma, Global NPP Function for Small Pharma and Regional NPP Function for Large Pharma.

Key Topics

  • NPP Group Structures, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Interactions and Optimal Working Relationships between Regional and Global NPP Groups
  • Examining the Full Set of Activities NPP Groups Perform, their Timing, intended Outcomes, and Value for the Organization
  • The Future of the NPP Function

Key Metrics
  • Organizational Demographics
  • Organizational Structure of NPP Function
  • Number of FTEs Working in NPP Groups
  • NPP's Portfolio Role: Responsible or Consulted?
  • Development Phases where Market Planning Activities are Conducted
  • Development Phases where Market Research Activities are Conducted
  • Development Phases where Medical Marketing Activities are Conducted
  • Development Phases where Brand Strategy Activities are Conducted
  • NPP's Role and Influence in Shaping Portfolio Decisions

Sample Key Findings


  • Involving NPP early in the development process speeds decision-making and allows low-value projects to be pruned.
  • NPP needs to be part of core team (with R&D, Clinical, etc) that shapes product development.

  • NPP groups should follow a fairly standard set of procedures to evaluate the commercial viability of drugs in development. Variations occur based on the particular characteristics of a drug or therapeutic program

    Market Planning Activities
    Begin development of Target Product Profile (TPP) as early as possible in Pre-Clinical in order to:
  • Assess how mechanism of action may be different or better than existing options
  • Establish a “threshold of success” that must be met in order to have a viable product (or to kill project)
  • Adjust as other products appear or as data changes
  • Focus in Phases 1 and 2 on the level of appropriate dosing and delivery method
  • Provide a foundation for effective positioning, publications, messaging, etc. later (Phase 3)

Best Practices, LLC used both field surveys and interviews to complete this study. In all, 27 New Product Planning leaders at 25 different companies across the globe contributed data. In-depth interviews were conducted with leaders from 13 of the participating companies.

Industries Profiled:
Health Care; Pharmaceutical; Diagnostic; Biotech; Consumer Products

Companies Profiled:
Abbott; Actelion; Alcon; Allergan; Almirall; Altus Biologics; Amgen; Astellas; Auxilium; Bayer Healthcare; Biogen Idec; Daiichi Sankyo; Eli Lilly; Human Genome Sciences; Merck; Novartis; Ortho Biotech; Sanofi-aventis; Stiefel; Takeda Pharmaceuticals; Theravance; UCB Pharma; Victory

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