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Quality Metrics and Compliance Research Bundle

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Published: Pre-2014

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Non-Members: Download a complimentary study summary of the Quality Metrics and Compliance Research Bundle at http://www.best-in-class.com/de171.htm. The summary contains sample graphs and research findings from the separate research initiatives included in the bundle as well as an overview of Best Practices, LLC's Database service offering.

In light of increased FDA scrutiny, Quality and Compliance among pharmaceutical and healthcare companies have become an increased area of focus. Poor quality and compliance can lead to heavy fines, lost credibility, or even closed operations and organizations. In order to stay on top, it is essential that pharmaceutical and healthcare companies use the best and most efficient tactics when organizing and maintaining Quality and Compliance Programs.

The Quality Metrics Research Bundle presents a comprehensive look at the structure of manufacturing quality efforts at more than 25 pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical device companies. It includes survey and interview results from several of Best Practices, LLC's research initiatives.

This comprehensive Research Bundle contains benchmarks in the following areas: staffing, procedures, workflow, and productivity aspects of quality assurance/quality control laboratories. Specific metrics in this bundle include conversion costs, capacity utilization, quality control efficiency, staffing levels by function and management responsibilities, and levels of automation. In addition, the Quality Metrics Research Bundle includes research on how best-in-class companies restructured for improved quality and reduced costs, with specific emphasis on shared service implementations and the decision to outsource or off-shore operations.

Sample key findings from the research initiatives featured in this bundle include:

  • One study showed that most companies in the benchmark class have completed a major reorganization within the past three years. All of those that have not already reorganized plan to do so within the next three years.
  • Another study revelaed that most partners reported only average degrees of automation in their facilities. One company with a high degree of automation reported considerably better maintenance cost, headcount, and overtime performance when compared to other benchmark partners.
  • An effective way to drive continuous performance improvement is to tie key productivity and quality indicators to employee compensation. Benchmark surveys and best practice interviews reveal that most quality control laboratories already track a variety of productivity and quality indicators, including an assays done right first time yield (ADRFT), testing cycle times, analyst/chemist productivity and rework. However, only a few labs directly tie performance measures to employee compensation.

The information in this document is essential to any pharmaceutical or healthcare company looking to improve or maintain a successful quality and compliance program. The Quality Metrics Research Bundle is offered at significant cost savings and is a great way to begin evaluating and restructuring your own Quality and Compliance program.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Health Care; Diagnostic; Biotech; Manufacturing; Consumer Products; Medical Device

Companies Profiled:
aaiPharma; Abbott; Abbott Laboratories; Alcon; AstraZeneca; Bayer; Bayer Healthcare; DSM; Eli Lilly; GE Medical System; GlaxoSmithKline; Janssen Cilag Pharmaceutical; Johnson & Johnson; Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems; MDS Pharma Services; Medrad; Medtronic; Patheon; Pfizer; Pharmacia (now Pfizer); Sanofi-aventis

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