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Structuring for Optimal Call Center Service-to-Sales Performance

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"Structuring for Optimal Call Center Service-to-Sales Performance

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Study Overview:

Organizations that have successfully developed a service-to-sales orientation in their call centers must continually review the efficiency of their organizational structure and make changes as required to accommodate new product and service introductions and to improve performance. Developing a definitive strategy for arranging people and functions is a critical part of any service-to-sales transformation, as it can provide stability for the change initiative and will help drive performance.

Call center executives, managers and supervisors will benefit from a multitude of valuable practices and lessons learned that will guide and assist them to design, deploy and refine their organizational structure more effectively to support high performance service-sales units.

Key Topics Areas:

  • Approaches to Developing and Refining Organizational Structure to Support a Sales Culture
  • Refining Structure to Reflect Service and Sales Requirements
  • Designating Spans of Control to Ensure Service and Sales Performance

Sample Best Practices:

  • Recognize the importance of “structural flexibility” to maximize performance on an on-going basis.
*One benchmark partner, a leading player in the highly competitive financial services arena, shared how the company used a staged implementation that first focused on transforming two of five national call center sites.
  • Design organizational structure to reflect call center size, product and portfolio complexity and cultural orientation.
*Under the Co-Located Specialist Model, as it has been implemented at one benchmark partner in the financial services sector, all call center employees are enabled to sell but most are not required to sell.
  • Find the right mix of supervisors to representatives to drive service-to-sales transformation performance.
*At one telecommunications company, the number of reps to floor supervisors is 20:1, which is a workable number as it allows “trainers” to walk the floor and to help manage and train the call reps.


This research originated from a Best Practices, LLC consulting project. It was conducted for a client and was based on interviews and surveys with executives and senior managers in the telecommunications, financial services, computer software and other industries.

Industries Profiled:
Computer Software; Medical Device; Financial Services; Telecommunications; Retail; Manufacturing; Professional Services; Computer Hardware; Service; Banking; Internet; Electronics; Chemical; Computers; Consumer Products; High Tech; Insurance

Companies Profiled:
Intuit; Fleet Bank; Vodafone; UMB; Wachovia; Littlewoods Ltd.; Yokogama America; Amerix Corporation; Medtronic; Embarq (formerly Sprint); NCR; Amylum Iberica SA; People's Bank; GE Money (formerly GE Consumer Finance); Royal Bank of Canada; AOL; SouthEast Telephone; Aliant Telecom; Tata Johnson Controls; AT&T; Texas Instruments; Wells Fargo; Travelocity; Bank of America; American Express; Bank One; Carlson Leisure; BASF Corporation; Bell South; Citigroup; Dell Computer; Dow Chemical; Eastman Kodak; Eaton Corp; EDS; Fidelity Investments; IBM; Lands' End

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