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Supply Chain Excellence Series: Improving the Bottom Line

ID: POPS-217

Published: Pre-2019

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A timeless recipe for supply chain excellence this Best Practices, LLC’s series takes an in-depth look at how the world's leading companies successfully manage their supply base and supply chain functions. Expert supply chain management practices from companies such as Fed Ex, Halliburton, Wal-Mart, DaimlerChrysler, IBM, Toyota and hundreds of other firms are revealed in this data-driven series of reports. Topics addressed include fundamental questions such as:
  • How do supply chain organizations successfully establish, deliver and communicate business value to their internal and external customers?
  • What is the timeless recipe that enables companies to maximize productivity and enhance their ability to compete?
  • How do companies successfully reduce their supply base costs while fostering productive relationships?
  • How can companies create more streamlined and responsive procurement operations to develop or maintain a competitive advantage?
  • How do exceptional companies take every opportunity to lower cycle time, reduce uncertainties and stay current with market trends?

Developed from surveys and interviews of more than 100 supply chain and supply base executives from top-flight companies and containing more than 300 best practices, benchmarks, narratives, strategies and tactics for driving supply chain value, this series is a start-to-finish guide for supply chain excellence.

Covered in granular detail, yet designed as a quick reference, this series can be customized to meet your supply chain needs. For more information, please contact Mihir Shah at mshah@best-in-class.com.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; High Tech; Energy; Consumer Products; Service; Computer Hardware; Retail; Telecommunications; Manufacturing; Electronics; Medical Device; Diagnostic; Aerospace; Banking; Transportation; Automobile; Chemical; Computers; Shipping; Utilities; Financial Services; Office Equipment; Biotech; Biopharmaceutical; Internet; Health Care; Insurance; Defense; Professional Services; Computer Software; Consulting; Technology; Logistics; Government

Companies Profiled:
Abbott Laboratories; Sanofi-aventis; Advanced Micro Devices; Agilent Technologies; Allegheny Energy; Amer Group; Amylum Iberica SA; Apple Computer; Ashland Specialty Chemical Company; Associate Food Stores; AT&T; Automotive Industry Action Group; Baldor Electric; Baxter Healthcare; Bayer Corporation; Bayer Healthcare; Becton Dickinson; Boeing; Boise Cascade Corporation; Boston Scientific; Bristol-Myers Squibb; B.A.G. Corp.; Cessna Aircraft Co.; CHEP International; Cogentrix; Colgate-Palmolive; Copeland Corporation; Corning; Crown Holdings; Cummins Engine; DaimlerChrysler; Dana Corporation; Deere; Degussa AG; Dell Computer; Delphi Corporation; Eastman Chemical; Eastman Kodak; Eaton Corp.; Edy’s Grand Ice cream; Eli Lilly and Company; Emerson Electric; Entergy; Exxon Mobil; Federal Express; FedEx; Florida Power & Light; Ford Motor Company; Frito-Lay; Fullerton Metals Co.; General Electric; General Motors; Gerber; Gilbarco; GlaxoSmithKline; Guidant; Haggar Clothing & Wrangler; Halliburton; Harley-Davidson; Hewlett-Packard; Home Depot; HON; HON Company; IBM; Inc; Inc.; Intel; ISP Europe; Johnson Controls; Johnson Diversey; Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Systems; K-Tec Electronics; Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics; Kaiser Permanente; Kennametal; KimberlyClark; Kraft; Lennox International; Lexmark; Lockheed Martin; Lord Corporation; Lucent Technologies; Magna International; Mallinckrodt; Marks & Spencer; Marlow Industries; Mason & Hangar; MeadWestvaco; Medtronic; Merck; MEMC Electronic; Milliken; Mirant; Monsanto; Motorola; Norfolk Southern; Northrop Grumman; Novartis; NovoZymes; Osco Foundries; PCI; Perot Systems; PEMSTAR; Philips Electronics; Pioneer Electronics; PPG Industries; Pratt & Whitney; Prestone; Qualcomm; Raytheon; Roche; Rockwell Automation; Roebuck & Co.; Rohm and Haas Company; Roll Coater; R.J. Reynolds Tobacco; Sara Lee; Saturn Corp.; SBC Communications; Schering-Plough; Sears; Siemens; Solectron; Sony; Stanley Aviation Corp; Sun Microsystems; Target; Telcordia Technologies; Texas Instruments; The Advance Group; The Limited; Timken Faircrest; Toyota Motors; Trident Microsystems; Tyco; Unilever; Union Technologies; United Defense; USCO Logistics; U.S. Department of Defense; Varian Medical Systems; Verizon; Wal-Mart; Xerox; Zymark

Key Findings

What are the best practices in supply chain management?
Learn the secrets:

  1. Leverage the power of Build-to-Order / mass customization principles to reduce excess inventory and speed product delivery.
  2. Understand pull delivery systems to increase inventory turnover, reduce production costs and restock only what is needed.
  3. Examine FedEx’s supplier selection process and how it requires vendors to have quality assessment programs in place that are capable of root cause analysis.
  4. Review classic supply chain practices that set specific goals for buyers to drive quantifiable cost savings. How do you measure up to the best of the best benchmark class?

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