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Products & Services Product Launch Market Entry: Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

Supporting Successful Diabetes Product Launches: Tactics for Educating Patients

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Note: Data in this study are segmented to present views for Total Benchmark Class and Diabetes respondents.

Study Overview

The bio-pharmaceutical marketplace - and the diabetes therapeutic area in particular - continues to evolve as new medicines and technologies create valuable market opportunities. It's in this competitive and challenging environment that organizations with new diabetes products are scrutinizing their strategies and tactics to support market education for patients. This field research and benchmarking study probes the types and value of medical education and marketing tactics used to inform patient groups about new therapies - and diabetes therapies in particular. A quantitative survey and interviews helped identify patient education strategies and tactics that organizations use pre- and post-launch. Qualitative and quantitative data is presented across a broad array of educational approaches, from public relations and new technologies to advocacy groups and early access plans. Marketing executives can use this research to compare their patient education strategies and tactics with those of leading organizations.

Key Topics

  • Summary of Key Insights, Findings and Lessons Learned
  • Research Participants, Launch Experience, and Therapeutic Area Demographics
  • Early Access Programs: Helping Patients & Expanding Physicians Experience
  • Post-Approval Early Access Programs: Helping Patients, Physicians and Marketplace Buzz
  • Inform Patients Through Education & Advocacy Group Collaborations
  • Use PR & New Technologies For Leveraged Reach to Patients
  • Use New Technologies For Educating & Informing Patients
  • Allocate Market Education Mix To Reflect Therapeutic Area Needs & The Competitive Landscape
  • Voices From the Field: Best Practices, Lessons Learned & Pitfalls To Consider
  • Future Trends & Issues

Sample Key Metrics
  • Appropriate time to start each activity for educating patients and advocacy groups
  • Top five most important activities for educating diabetes patients and advocacy groups
  • Percentages of participants indicating PR Tool is effective during pre-launch/launch
  • Effectiveness ratings given to different calls-to-action leading patients to Web sites
  • Importance of various tactical elements influencing Public Relations Marketing effectiveness
  • Importance of various tactical elements influencing Public Relations effectiveness
  • Percentage of resources to be invested ideally in different educational categories
Sample Key Findings
  • Using Public Relations & Technology: New technologies and PR are both “leveraged,” cost-efficient tools for education. Both permit less control than companies customarily want. The development and pre-launch cycle offer many opportunities to use new technologies (e.g. Social Media, Internet, YouTube/Video communication channels) to educate physicians, patients, payers and government.


Research was conducted through surveys and inteviews. Research participants included 34 executives and managers from 26 leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Diabetes/Cardiovascular research participants included 11 executives and managers at 11 different industry leading companies. Insight was drawn from successful and well known diabetes/cardiovascular treatments as well as compounds that are awaiting FDA approval or in Phase II clinical development.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Health Care; Service; Medical Device; Technology; Manufacturing; Consumer Products; Diagnostic; Chemical

Companies Profiled:
GlaxoSmithKline; ARIAD; Pfizer; Integrated Communications Corp.; Novartis; Genitope Corporation; NeoVista; Inc.; Amgen; Novo Nordisk; Johnson & Johnson; AstraZeneca; Roche; Lilly; Bayer; Human Genome Sciences; Boehringer Ingelheim; Nobel Biocare; Abbott; Solvay Pharmaceuticals; Genentech; Sanofi-aventis; Smith & Nephew; Amylin; Janssen Cilag Pharmaceutical; Dr Reddy's Laboratories; Spectrum Pharmaceutical

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