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Products & Services Product Launch Market Entry: Metabolic and Cardiovascular Diseases

Supporting Successful Diabetes Product Launches: Tactics for Educating Thought Leaders

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Note: Data in this study are segmented to present views for Total Benchmark Class and Diabetes respondents.

Study Overview

Educating the marketplace about a new product is an essential component of a successful launch and market positioning. Thought Leaders who can influence the thinking and habits of both physician and patient communities are one of the key ways that organizations seek to separate their products from competitors. Thus it is critical for companies to ensure that education efforts around new products - particularly those in the diabetes therapeutic area - effectively reach and influence Thought Leaders. This study examines a number of issues that revolve around Thought Leader education tactics and strategies, for Diabetes as well as other product types. This field research and benchmarking study also presents benchmarks around targeted number of thought leaders by development phase, number of MSLs employed by phase, relationship development timing by type of Thought Leader, and roles of Thought Leaders. Executives, especially those working in the Diabetes therapeutic area, can use this research to compare their Thought Leader education strategies and tactics with those of leading organizations.

Key Topics

  • Summary of Key Insights, Findings and Lessons Learned
  • Research Participants, Launch Experience, and Therapeutic Area Demographics
  • Developing Integrated, Continuous Thought Leaders Strategies
  • Thought Leader Relationship & Value Management
  • Voices From the Field: Best Practices, Lessons Learned & Pitfalls To Consider

Sample Key Metrics
  • When in development cycle start key education activities for Thought Leaders
  • Three most important education activities for Thought Leaders
  • Number of Thought Leaders targeted during Phase III to Launch period
  • Number of MSLs assigned during Phase III to Launch period
  • Timing of relationship development for various Thought Leader segments
  • Frequency of MSL calls to national and regional Thought Leaders
  • Role of various Thought Leader types in key education activities


Research was conducted through surveys and inteviews. Research participants included 34 executives and managers from 26 leading pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies. Diabetes/Cardiovascular research participants included 11 executives and managers at 11 different industry leading companies. Nine executive interviews were conducted as part of this research project.

Industries Profiled:
Pharmaceutical; Biotech; Health Care; Service; Medical Device; Technology; Manufacturing; Consumer Products; Diagnostic; Chemical

Companies Profiled:
GlaxoSmithKline; ARIAD; Pfizer; Integrated Communications Corp.; Novartis; Genitope Corporation; NeoVista; Inc.; Amgen; Novo Nordisk; Johnson & Johnson; AstraZeneca; Roche; Lilly; Bayer; Human Genome Sciences; Boehringer Ingelheim; Nobel Biocare; Abbott; Solvay Pharmaceuticals; Genentech; Sanofi-aventis; Smith & Nephew; Amylin; Janssen Cilag Pharmaceutical; Dr Reddy's Laboratories; Spectrum Pharmaceutical

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