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Products & Services GBC Conferences 2008 Feb 2008: Customer Experience Conference

Using Quality to Improve the Customer Experience: Meeting Proceedings

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From early communication about product changes to Web site improvements, customer feedback has enhanced services, products and processes for most companies. Yet the savvier customer, an information seeker and a skilled Web searcher, expects more. Leading companies looking to impact the bottom line must define and improve the total customer experience.

Given this direction, customer service, marketing, operations and sales professionals begin to work cross-functionally to ensure positive customer experiences, increase revenue, identify areas of investment, drive financial performance and stabilize the company for the long-run.

At the February 2008 Global Benchmarking Council conference, members and guests gathered to discuss how companies can improve their operations, competitive positioning, and profitability by intentionally managing the design and value of the customer experience.

Vice presidents, directors and managers in customer service, marketing, operations, sales and related areas will benefit most from these case studies from leading companies and the summarized transcripts from a targeted panel discussion and two facilitated roundtable discussions.


Case studies include speaker biographies and company background before describing key challenges company leaders faced and how they overcame them, the connection between the total customer experience and quality or how to transform the customer experience. Speaker anecdotes, quotes, select slides, insights and key take-aways all liven the case studies with personal touches and graphics.

  • Toyota gave an animated presentation on why companies such as Toyota, ranked #1 in customer loyalty, must still remain focused on further improving the customer experience through continuous feedback analysis, performance management and training of sales agents in "Building Customer Loyalty, Retention & Advocacy."
  • Hewlett-Packard showed how HP’s structured model of the Business Performance Chain links employee engagement, performance management systems and the customer experience to achieve higher brand equity and customer loyalty in "Achieving Results through Business Performance Chain."
  • IBM delivered insights on user-centered design and user engineering, which helps IBM stay focused on customer requirements and preference throughout the product lifecycle in "User-centered Design: What Companies Should Do -- But Most Don't."
  • Orbitz Worldwide offered a different angle regarding the customer experience as a journey, which companies are tasked to make enjoyable in "The Changing Face of Branding."
  • Wells Fargo provided specific insight into the call center’s role in establishing strong client relationships and improving their service experience in "Enhancing Customer Loyalty at the Call Center."
  • Johnson & Johnson (Ortho Biotech) shared great insights on the Total Customer Experience which starts with a sound marketing strategy, clearly defining customer segments and utility, product offerings and value-added considerations in "Transforming the Total Customer Experience to Build Profitable Relationships."

Following the first four presentations on customer loyalty, brand equity, user-centered Web site design and customer engagement, Global Benchmarking Council members and guests divided into smaller groups for a roundtable discussion and information exchange on Creating World-Class Customer Experiences: Successes, Failures and Insights from the Front Lines, including:
  • Listening to Customers to Identify Their Unmet Needs & Harvest Insights
  • Using Customer Insights for Growth & Performance Improvement
  • Innovations in Managing & Enhancing Customer Experience

The second day of networking and best practice sharing began with a targeted panel discussion on "Making or Breaking Customer Loyalty during Product Launch." Cross-industry representatives fielded questions from the facilitator and from Global Benchmarking Council members and guests on:
  • Managing the Customer Feedback Loop for Fast Response
  • Training and Cross-team Communication
  • Customer-facing Process Optimization during Critical Market Events
  • Metrics/Measurement for Customer Launch Cycles

This report was compiled from notes taken during speaker presentations and in-depth roundtable and panel discussions at the February 2008 Global Benchmarking Council conference, "Using Quality to Improve the Customer Experience." For more information on the Global Benchmarking Council or to register for upcoming meetings, visit www.best-in-class.com/gbc.

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Industries Profiled:
Automobile; Manufacturing; Multiple; Financial Services; Pharmaceutical; Health Care; Medical Device; High Tech; Computer Hardware; Computers; Banking

Companies Profiled:
Toyota; Johnson & Johnson; IBM; Hewlett-Packard; Wells Fargo

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