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Virtually every business owner, executive, or manager would agree that providing outstanding customer service is critical to the company's success. With so many organizations in fierce competition, yet offering relatively similar products and services, the only differentiation is often quality of service. But given these truths, why do so few companies provide consistent, excellent customer service? The answer is that espousing customer service focus is the easy part. An organization must have a clear strategy or game plan in order to implement measurable improvements. 

Best Practices, LLC's experienced researchers and analysts can help you identify winning customer service practices in other companies. Then, this intelligence and insight can be used as an important input into your program design process. Learning from past successes and emulating efficient practices from companies in related markets can have a big impact on your bottom line. Our Benchmarking for Best Practices service is unique by virtue of its total focus on customization with respect to individual client's needs.

Best Practice Methodology

Using our proprietary Best Practice Blueprints for Excellence methodology, Best Practices' analysts first help our clients assess their existing processes and performance systems. Following the completion of internal practice collection, Best Practices, LLC and the client team members confer to prioritize the issues and areas that will have greatest economic and operational benefit.  An action plan is then developed and used to guide the benchmarking project.

Christopher Bogan

Christopher Bogan

President and CEO

Chris has 26 years of experience in helping U.S. companies bring new biopharmaceutical products to market. Over that time, he has helped dozens of new brands launch assets totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.

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Improving Customer Satisfaction and Retention through Differentiated Service Levels

The Best Practices LLC research team examined customer satisfaction and retention through differentiated service levels for a major U.S. wireless provider. The research examined how forty companies ensure satisfaction of their high-value customers.

Areas of focus included customer segmentation, acquisition and retention strategies, and needs prioritization. The study also analyzed how to cross-sell products and services to satisfy customer needs and increase retention by setting a higher "switching" cost.

Participants in the study included Citigroup, Fidelity, American Express, AT&T Wireless, Qwest Communications, Verizon, Microsoft, GE, MBNA, Federal Express, and Motorola.

Managing World-Class Call Centers

The Best Practices LLC research team studied the best practices of 19 call centers in six industries for a major media company. Areas of focus included process design and management, human resources, measurement, customer service loyalty, and leadership and communication. The team also made two call center site visits to better understand how best-in-class companies provide excellent customer service.

Participants in the study included American Express, Federal Express, LL Bean, Saturn, State Farm, Toyota/Lexus, and T. Rowe Price.

Best Practices in E-Service

The Best Practices LLC research team examined how organizations leverage the Internet to integrate service delivery across multiple channels. This new, highly efficient approach to service transforms call centers, help desks and online initiatives into integrated service centers that:

  • Increase service levels.
  • Reduce service costs.
  • Shrink customer response times.

The ability to offer seamless, fast and personalized service allows leading companies to translate customer loyalty into long-term, highly profitable customer relationships.

Project findings were harvested from field research that included extensive interviews with web masters, Internet managers, executives and strategists, extensive web reviews, data analysis and Internet strategy research scans covering more than 100 companies.

Participants in the study included Cisco Systems, Oracle, Aventis, Bell Canada, Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline, Xerox, and Department of Veterans Affairs.