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MAY 2020 Research Alert

This month we added four new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies focus on three topical areas: Medical Affairs training; Field Medical Teams, in particular Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) in the MENA region; and Investigator Initiated Trials. The first study examines key issues around training in the Medical Affairs function, including knowledge development, onboarding, and staffing. The second new document deals with managing MSLs in the MENA region (which includes the Middle East and North Africa in this study). The last two new studies address Investigator Initiated Trials (IITs), with the third document covering structure and responsibilities and the fourth document examining resource allocation and communication.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Best Practices for Developing Medical Affairs Professionals: Knowledge Development, Onboarding, Timing, Staffing and Funding (5612)

Best Practices, LLC undertook this study to help companies maximize the benefits of their training and development programs; thus, producing Medical Affairs staff capable of strong strategic thinking, effective thought leader management, and high-impact field interactions.

Download: MENA MSL Excellence: Optimizing Support for Field Medical Operations in the Middle East and North Africa (5613)

This research examines how leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies structure, align and support their MSL teams in the MENA region.

Download: Best Practices in the Management of Investigator Initiated Trials: Structure, Activities and Responsibilities (5614)

Best Practices, LLC undertook this benchmarking research to provide a detailed roadmap for improving IIT management at biopharmaceutical companies, capturing critical metrics and insights on team structure, activities, responsibilities, leadership, SOPs, proposal evaluation and review process.

Download: Best Practices in the Management of Investigator Initiated Trials: Resource Allocation, Communication and Future Prospects (5615)

This study provides an in-depth roadmap for improving IIT management at bio-pharmaceutical companies, capturing critical metrics and insights on team staffing, budget and communication. This study also identifies the top challenges and future improvements to IIT management process.

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