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APRIL 2021 Research Alert

This month we added five new studies to the Best Practice Database, the research repository for Best Practices, LLC. This month's new studies tackle the topics of digital marketing, product launch evaluation and sales launch staffing. The first study explores digital trends in launch while the second study examines digital marketing structure and operations. The third research study is a case analysis of Rinvoq and what sales resources were used to support it at launch. The last two studies tackle the important issue of product launch evaluation; the first looks at process while the second focuses on key performance measures.

The new Best Practices, LLC studies listed below under Newly Added Research explore how leading companies have made their operations more effective across these different areas.

Download: Digital Trends in Biopharma Launch Strategy and Investment (5673)

This analysis examines the accelerated pace of digital adoption to drive innovative biopharma launches. It identifies high-value digital activities, probes secondary and tertiary drivers, spotlights investment trends, and captures key lessons learned.

Download: Omnichannel Marketing: Optimize your Digital Marketing Structure and Operations (5674)

This Best Practices, LLC study examines how leading biopharma companies are adopting an integrated omnichannel marketing strategy by maximizing their key digital assets.

Download: Rinvoq Case Analysis: Summoning the Right Sales Resources to Support a New Blockbuster's Launch (5675)

Best Practices, LLC conducted this benchmarking research to spotlight the field resources deployed by AbbVie during the first year of the launch of RINVOQ. The analysis probes the field sales and medical staff FTEs (full time equivalents) invested during RINVOQ’s launch.

Download: Pharmaceutical Product Launch Evaluation Excellence: Launch Evaluation Process and Lessons Learned (5676)

This study presents benchmarks for informing and shaping evaluations of biopharma launches. It examines the launch evaluation process and the timetable for recalibration of launch targets.

Download: Pharmaceutical Product Launch Evaluation Excellence: Key Performance Measures (5677)

This research examines key launch performance measures such as thought leader and physician awareness, payer access measures, patient acceptance measures, and more to evaluate new product launches.

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