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Managed Markets - Research & Advisory Services

Managed Markets for Biotech, Pharmaceutical & Medical Device Industries

Continued commercial success of pharmaceutical products and biologics depends largely on the ability of bio-pharmaceutical companies to evolve their Managed Markets structures, processes and outcomes to work effectively in the current payer-driven environment. In fact, it is estimated that third-party payers in the Managed Markets sector currently control more than 80 percent of patient access to prescription drugs in the United States.

The payer, market access and reimbursement landscape will continue to change over the next few years being at the heart of current health care debates and policies.

Benchmarking and assessment tools provided by Best Practices, LLC's Research and Advisory Services have aided many leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies perfect their Managed Markets strategies by answering critical questions around:
  • Optimal structure and organizational fit of Managed Markets Groups
  • Key Global Managed Markets Activities
  • Staffing and Resource Allocation Levels
  • Access Strategies for Employers, Hospitals, Medicaid, Medicare, Long-term Care and Other Payer Groups
  • Pricing and Contracting Strategies
  • Trends in Use of Vendors to Gather Payer Information
  • Account Management and Pull-through Marketing Tactics
  • Access and Reimbursement Strategies
Explore these and other topics with us during a Virtual Presentation of our resources, capabilities and solutions tailored to support your success.

Benefits of a Partnership with Research and Advisory Services
  • Decision Support Research to Benchmark Your Function and Learn from Best-in-Class Managed Markets Groups
  • Access to Strategic Research Projects around Managed Markets Excellence
  • Unlimited Access to the Best Practice Database for Quick Access to Key Best Practices and Metrics
  • Personal Interaction with Senior Analysts With Years of Experience in Benchmarking Managed Markets
  • Exclusive Networking Forums for Managed Markets Professionals
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