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The most successful market research organizations contribute valuable market insights that productively influence corporate decision makers and positively impact the company’s overall success. Often, this mission is hindered by structural, cultural and financial constraints. To meet these challenges, top market research leaders benchmark their existing processes against other best-in-class organizations to identify opportunities for improvement that will maximize corporate influence:

  • How the best market research groups consistently develop market insights that aid business unit heads and senior leaders in making crucial strategic decisions
  • What approaches work best to make complex global market research structures successful
  • How market research leaders effectively work across business, brand and geographic units
  • How high-performing market research groups prioritize workloads, allocate resources, manage complex projects, oversee vendors, ensure quality and enhance productivity

Our Role in Driving Market Research Excellence

Best Practices, LLC assists companies achieve top-notch performance by employing best practice research, benchmarking, and assessments to compare their operations with those of world-class organizations. We address all areas of market research including:

  • Optimizing Structure
  • Building Influence And Enhancing Business Value
  • Process Excellence & Productivity Management
  • Performance Management

Developing the High-Performance Market Research Function

Market research departments increasingly face this challenge to their primary roles: evolving from providers of support-level data to highly-valued business advisors for strategic decision-making. This comprehensive report examines how dozens of companies have created exceptional market research operations. Performance-critical topics that are covered in depth include: optimizing structure for maximum personnel and resource efficiency, ensuring value and relevance in market research findings, managing the performance of career and rotational staff professionals as well as rotational employees, achieving excellence in productivity and process. This report presents proven tactics to improve the impact, influence and efficiency of the market research function.

Benchmarks for the Pharmaceutical Market Research Function

Pharmaceutical market research, commercial analysis and business research departments struggle to find the right balance between centralization across and within countries and decentralized or independent local control in both the funding sources and focus of the department. They also seek the ideal staffing mix to meet both strategic and tactical demands.


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