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More often than not, mergers and acquisitions fail - either to be completed or to deliver value to the stakeholders involved. Best Practices LLC has led the way in identifying the best practices of M&A integration - providing a roadmap for our clients in navigating the winding labyrinth facing complex integrations.

Our best practice research and extensive industry contacts enables us to assess the current state of our client's M&A preparations and systems, providing distinct, actionable recommendations to ensure maximized success before, during and after the deal. Our particular focus is on the elements required in integration planning, achieving desired synergies, and addressing the personnel and cultural impact on such combinations.

Best Practice Methodology

Using our proprietary Best Practice Blueprints for Excellence methodology, Best Practices' analysts first help our clients assess their existing processes and performance systems. Following the completion of internal practice collection, Best Practices, LLC and the client team members confer to prioritize the issues and areas that will have greatest economic and operational benefit.  An action plan is then developed and used to guide the benchmarking project.

Christopher Bogan

Christopher Bogan

President and CEO

Chris has 26 years of experience in helping U.S. companies bring new biopharmaceutical products to market. Over that time, he has helped dozens of new brands launch assets totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.

Phone: (919)-767-9228

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M&A Integration Excellence

Best Practices LLC initiated a comprehensive review of the best practices demonstrated in merger and acquisition integrations. Drawing upon the insight of over 1000 deals, the systems, plans, and tactics necessary to ensure integration success were identified.

This research was conducted on behalf of 11 companies in the high tech, pharmaceutical, telecom, media, and diversified manufacturing industries. Over 50 executives leading M&A efforts were interviewed, and over 100 best-in-class integrators were studied for this initiative.

M&A Integration Planning

Prior to soliciting board approval for tendering a hostile bid, the company CEO asked Best Practices LLC to come in and prepare his staff for integration excellence. Training was conducted for all key players, checklists and templates were devised, mechanics of the deal were analyzed for impact on integrating the two entities, and recommendations were made for preparing the integration team for the road ahead.

The client for this project was a global pharmaceutical company. While the company's board did not approve the deal, each player was superlatively prepared for the challenging path that lied ahead.

Integration of Sales Forces and Human Resources Departments

Upon seeing our company's CEO quoted in the Wall Street Journal on M&A integration excellence, several executives from a client company solicited our assistance in their pending merger. Heads of the acquiring company's sales division and HR division engaged us for planning advice, meeting facilitation, and assessments (comparing their integration plan with those we've documented from world-class integrators). The result was one of the most successful integrations in the industry.

The client for this project was a global pharmaceutical company. The result of the collective integration planning was a combination that markedly enhanced shareholder value, facilitated the joining of different corporate cultures, and alignment of the new sales force to execute on aggressive revenue goals and synergy targets.

Marriages Made in Heaven? -- Our CEO Christopher Bogan and Symmers co-wrote this article on Merger and Acquisition Integrations for "Pharmaceutical Executive" magazine. Download the article

Best Practices LLC offers five discrete yet customizable services enabling you to leverage the best M&A practices we've gathered.

  • First, our consulting services can assist in deal evaluation and preparation, communication and integration activity planning, due diligence, and other critical elements for ensuring maximum shareholder value from the integration.
  • Second, our integration assessment compares your systems and tactics with those exhibited by world-class integrators, yielding specific recommendations for rapid implementation and value creation.
  • Third, membership in our Business Excellence Board keeps you abreast of the latest practices by requesting ongoing research on M&A topics.
  • Fourth, on-site presentations on leading best practices help energize, prepare, and provoke boards, executive teams, and integration teams.
  • And fifth, published slides and reports for self-help are also available for speedy and cost effective improvements.

These services are summarized in the Suite of Services document.