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Product Launch Benchmarking Reports

With millions of dollars spent on product research & development, orchestrating the ‘perfect’ product launch is critical to convert investment into organizational profitability and growth. However, product launching on a global scale is a massive undertaking that requires the successful confluence of a number of factors. So, what is the secret recipe for launching blockbusters? What kinds of resources are required to successfully launch a product? What are effective tactics for preparing the market for product launch? What activities do best-in-class brand teams undertake to drive rapid product uptake? What are some salient points that can lead to product launch failure?

Best Practices, LLC’s benchmarking reports enable executives to design, execute and refine their strategies to power blockbuster product launches. Specifically, the reports provide levels of investment for specialty vs. primary products, allocation of roles and responsibilities, types of activities by phase, and launch readiness assessment evaluations to successfully launch a product. In addition to examining product launching best practices, our benchmarking reports also highlight potential points for pitfalls enabling effective new product management across pharmaceutical, biotech or medical device organizations. For those executives that may have faced disappointing product launches, we provide case studies and best practices for pharmaceutical product re-launch excellence. Select product launch management reports may be therapeutic area-specific.

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Product Launch Benchmarking Reports
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"The report is said to be the best thing since "sliced bread". Thanks to your quick response my colleague was able to use it as a reference for a recent meeting and it has proved to be invaluable."
-- Training & Development, Bayer
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