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Quality Leadership - Research & Advisory Services

Quality Leadership

Leading quality in today's business environment has expanded to more than just overseeing production and conducting safety audits. Quality management today also includes social, economical and environmental issues and their impact on product development, production, delivery and ultimately customer perception. Fostering a quality mindset, a culture that integrates customer-focused process excellence and empowers front-line workers and managers to make the right decisions on quality issues quickly and effectively is key challenge for Quality leaders.

Our tools and resources have guided quality professionals in their task to build integrated quality systems that produce superior products and services and meet the demands of customers and society.

Research and Advisory Services analysts have worked with many companies to find solutions for critical Quality issues facing organizations today:
  • Governance structures, quality management processes and resource support
  • Evolution of the role of quality managers
  • Customer-driven quality management
  • Innovation, the quality culture and change management
  • Managing compliance standards, assessments, reviews and evaluations
  • Integrating effective performance tools (Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma and more)
  • Evaluating operational risk and prevention methods
  • Sustainability, green initiatives and their implication for quality

Explore these and other quality topics with us during a Virtual Presentation of our resources, capabilities and solutions tailored to support your success.

Benefits of a Partnership with Research and Advisory Services

  • Decision Support Research to Benchmark Your Function and Learn from Best-in-Class Quality and Performance Improvement Groups
  • Access to Strategic Research Projects around Quality Excellence
  • Unlimited Access to the Best Practice Database for Quick Access to Best Practices and Metrics on Quality, Continuous Improvement and Various Other Process Excellence Topics
  • Personal Interaction with Senior Analysts With Years of Experience in Benchmarking the Quality Function and Its Evolution
  • Exclusive Networking Forums for Quality Professionals

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