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Sales force performance significantly impacts growth and bottom line results. The ability of senior management to effectively disseminate vital information to their sales forces while maximizing selling time is integral to the overall success of all pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Although much of this communication is necessary, reps and managers also experience a significant level of “noise” as colleagues in the field or at corporate offices send communications that are poorly targeted, redundant or inappropriately timed. Research and Advisory Services benchmarks suggest 4.4 hours per week are spent on unnecessary communication.

The Research and Advisory Services analysts have supported sales managers and directors in benchmarking and implementing sound communication strategies that moved sales forces from feeling overwhelmed by a flood of information to being more productive and efficient in reaching their customers. Let us answer critical sales communication questions for you that will improve your performance metrics:

  • How much time spent on internal communication?
  • What are the sources of unnecessary communication?
  • How district managers and corporate can reduce unnecessary communication?
  • How do you overcome the increased communications from matrix-based selling and copromote teams?
  • Which forms of communication are best suited for various types of content?
  • How to establish "rules of engagement" for effective communication?
  • Best practices: should they be shared or simply made available online?
  • What are effective communications training programs at leading companies?
  • What IT tactics are available to support effective sales force communications?

Explore these and other topics with us during a Virtual Presentation of our resources, capabilities and solutions tailored to support your success.

Benefits of a Partnership with Research and Advisory Services

  • Decision Support Research to Benchmark Your Function and Learn from Best-in-Class Sales Groups
  • Access to Strategic Research Projects around Sales Excellence
  • Unlimited Access to the Best Practice Database for Quick Access to Key Sales Communication Best Practices and Other Relevant Sales Management Topics
  • Personal Interaction with Senior Analysts With Years of Experience in Benchmarking Sales Management
  • Exclusive Networking Forums for Sales and Marketing Professionals
Jacob Vasser

Jacob Vasser

Commercial Research Lead

Jacob is a creative researcher who specializes in patient centricity and has consulted for big pharma clients and fast-growing biotechs looking for opportunities to improve access to treatments. At Best Practices he has led projects on patient advocacy, technology-enablement of patient engagement, and health information systems.

Phone: (919)-767-9233