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Sales Consulting: Sales Performance Management


Organizations continue to face the challenge of achieving and maximizing sales force effectiveness. To improve their return on investment, savvy executives are examining the sales process from end-to-end, that is, from management, coaching and development to sales force effectiveness and performance measurement.

According to a study by Best Practices, LLC, nine key areas contribute to the success of sales performance management structures:

  • Strategic Direction with Clear Sales Force Objectives
  • Tactical Execution of Strategy
  • Employee Selection & Recruitment
  • Quantity of Sales Interaction with Customer
  • Quality of Sales Calls
  • Training & Development; Coaching & Mentoring Through Sales Manager
  • Motivation, Incentives, Rewards & Recognition
  • Accountability & Monitoring
  • Development of Tools to Optimize the Sales Process

Our Role in Driving Sales Performance Excellence

Best Practices, LLC’s Research & Consulting service is geared to support organizations seeking to identify and achieve optimal performance. Our quantitative research highlights organizational goals, while our qualitative research enables executives to develop a road map to achieve these performance targets.

Specifically, organizations are focusing on the following aspects of sales process management:

  • Sales Performance Management
    • Hiring & recruitment
    • Leadership development and succession planning
    • Optimizing resource allocation
    • Training
    • Enabling selling skills
    • Driving team-based selling
    • Employing value-added programs
    • Driving e-sales and e-detailing
  • Sales Force Effectiveness
    • Targeting
    • Planning
    • Scheduling
    • Designing routes
    • Mirroring territories
    • Optimizing reach and messaging frequency
    • Sales force integration
  • Sales Performance Measurement
    • Developing and administering sales incentives
    • Optimizing rewards & recognition programs
    • Utilizing key tools and tactics to measure rep and organizational success
    • Measuring call center sales performance
  • Sales Process Improvement
    • Managing continuous improvement
    • Deploying quality initiatives such as Lean & Six Sigma
    • Achieving process excellence

Christopher Bogan

Christopher Bogan

President and CEO

Chris has 26 years of experience in helping U.S. companies bring new biopharmaceutical products to market. Over that time, he has helped dozens of new brands launch assets totaling hundreds of billions of dollars.

Phone: (919)-767-9228

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  • Featured Research

Best Practices, LLC has developed an integrated set of tools and techniques including: proprietary databases, surveys, lessons-learned interviews, site visits, multi-industry assessments, insightful decision-support tools, and unparalleled access to high-level contacts at industry-leading organizations across the globe. The results are best practice research, analysis, competitiveness review and insight that enable organizations to evaluate total productivity and improve: growth, cost position, process design, and overall operating effectiveness.

Over the years, Best Practices, LLC has developed expertise across a broad spectrum of quality areas. Specific research topics include:

  • Benchmarking Sales Performance Management Structures
  • Benchmarks for Excellence in Account Management
  • Best Practices in Medicaid Sales
  • Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Best Practices in Sales Force Automation
  • Best Practices in Sales Recognition Programs
  • Best Practices of Sales Collateral Organizations
  • Best Practices Pharmaceutical Budget Health Check 2005 – 2006
  • Coordinating People, Resources and Activities for Sales Team Effectiveness
  • Design and Administration of Sales Training Programs
  • District Manager Performance Management: Recruiting, Career Path & Succession Planning
  • Excellence in Pharmaceutical Contracting & Pricing
  • Focusing The Field: Best Practices in Managing Pharmaceutical Sales Data Inquiries
  • Incentive Compensation in Sales: Aligning People, Performance and Pay
  • Increasing Sales Productivity Through Superior Performance Management
  • Managing a Major Sales Force Expansion
  • Managing Sales Training to Accelerate Speed to Productivity
  • Measuring Call Center Sales Performance
  • Sales Management: Conquering the Field

Design and Administration of Sales Training Programs

The importance of employee training and development is indisputable. However, improvements can be made to the management of such training programs. Companies often have a multitude of training programs for different job types and levels. To save time and money, organizations are now looking at ways to streamline their training programs by leveraging ideas and resources from other departments or product lines.

This study benchmarked 36 companies across several industries and looks at training programs specifically for sales associates. It provides insights into how companies across industries move internal sales associates as well as new hires through their sales training program to drive consistency and ultimately increase revenue. Human Resources and training managers can use the metrics and best practices featured in this document to assess and optimize their sales training programs in terms of staffing, design, administration and oversight.

Benchmarking Sales Performance Management Structures

Companies across industries are continuously challenged with optimizing the productivity of their sales force. The findings from this research study will provide executives with insights on identifying key metrics for sales performance measurement and developing management structures that ensure ongoing sales force development.

This 23-page document includes metrics, best practices, winning approaches and performance measures companies use to review, coach and grow their sales representatives. In addition to data presented for the complete benchmark class, responses for the pharma/healthcare industry and manufacturing/consumer products industry are segmented and charted separately throughout the document.

Best Practices in Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales forces have grown 85% over the past five years. As sales forces grow, revenue per rep tends to decrease. Due to this recent trend, leading pharmaceutical companies are looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their sales reps. Is your sales force performing at best-in-class levels? Our research and field studies will enable your company to identify gaps in sales force effectiveness and provide you the tools to systematically enhance sales-force productivity.

Incentive Compensation in Sales

Aligning People, Performance and Pay: Our field research and benchmarking studies will help you use incentive compensation within the sales force to motivate high performance, support team-based selling, improve employee retention and increase sales.

Benchmarks for Excellence in Account Management

Account Management organizations face the increasing challenge of delivering and communicating business value and impact to their internal and external customers. With this study, Best Practices, LLC takes a comprehensive look at the top-performing account management functions' organizational & operating models, services & activities, performance measures, value demonstration & communication strategies.

Insights revealed in this presentation will guide teams to develop cost-effective account management centers, drive customer growth and loyalty, maximize return on investment and effectively justify costs incurred to their internal customers.

Sales Management:Conquering the Field

Insights from this benchmarking study will enable your company to identify gaps in sales force effectiveness and set you on path to creating a world-class sales force. The information contained in this research is drawn from interviews and field interaction with 250 top sales reps and managers. The report contains the actual practices and techniques that these top salespeople have used to drive their own performance. By studying this report, your sales organization can strengthen its efforts to drive overall company growth through improved productivity and customer targeting.

Best Practices in Sales Force Automation

Our benchmarking field teams profiled a diverse group of companies that have demonstrated effective operating practices and winning strategies in the area of Sales Force Automation and Customer Relationship Management. By studying other organizations' effective approaches to managing sales force automation and CRM, your company can select, design and implement automated systems to enhance sales force productivity and effectiveness.