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Sales Operations - Research & Advisory Services

Sales Operations

No matter the size of your sales force, in order to be successful you need well-aligned sales operations support that will help your sales force run more efficiently, effectively and in line with your customers' expectations. It includes a sound team structure, savvy talent selection and development, performance management and innovative technology solutions for your inbound and outbound sales groups. Research shows that the majority of Sales Operations groups are in the early stages of existence (54% are less than three years old*).

Research and Advisory Services' benchmarking tools will allow you to identify sound strategies and practices for establishing and optimizing these new functions.

Research and Advisory Services analysts have worked with many companies to perfect sales training and development strategies and implement training programs that make top performers. Our expertise spans all critical areas of sales operations:
  • Sales strategy development
  • Sales training and development
  • Roles and responsibilities of key sales staff
  • Performance, reward & incentive systems
  • Sales force automation
  • Sales force expansion
  • Call center management
  • Technology trends for sales operations
  • Managing sales and CRM data
Explore these and other topics with us during a Virtual Presentation of our resources, capabilities and solutions tailored to support your success.

Benefits of a Partnership with Research & Advisory Services

  • Decision Support Research to Benchmark Your Function and Learn from Best-in-Class Sales Groups
  • Access to Strategic Research Projects around Sales Excellence
  • Unlimited Access to the Best Practice Database for Quick Access to Key Sales Communication Best Practices and Other Relevant Sales Operations Topics
  • Personal Interaction with Senior Analysts With Years of Experience in Benchmarking Sales Management
  • Exclusive Networking Forums for Sales and Marketing Professionals

*Data according to research from the Sales Operations Excellence Center

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