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Malaunch_S Video

Medical Affairs’ Role in Ensuring Excellence in Product Launch

Medical Affairs leaders often need to involve themselves in certain areas during product launches such as early-stage thought leader (TL) interaction View Video >
Oncologyproductlaunch_S Video

Launching Oncology Products in the US Marketplace

In an increasingly crowded US oncology market, it is imperative for bio-pharma companies to plan and execute their oncology portfolio launches seamlessly. View Video >
Kol Management Development Video

Strategic KOL Management and Engagement to Promote Long Term Viability

This video highlights the best practices and insights around developing a strategic approach to KOL Management. View Video >
Kol Management Structure Video

Optimal Organizational Structure and Responsibility for KOL Management

This video outlines optimal structure & responsibility for KOL Management, and Medical Affairs’ role in KOL management. View Video >
Kol Msl Relationships Video

Key KOL Activities and Role of Medical Science Liaisons in KOL Management

This video offers insights on building KOL relationships, important KOL activities and role of MSLs in managing KOLs. View Video >
Activities Driving Kol Video

KOL Engagement: Contact Frequency and Activities that Drive KOL Management

This video offers benchmarks on contact frequency for regional and national KOLs & activities that drive KOL management. View Video >
Kol Relationship Development Video

Developing and Maintaining Successful KOL Relationships

This video highlights best-in-class tactics, activities, tools and techniques used to develop robust KOL Relationships Relationships. View Video >
Kol Challenges Video

Emerging Trends and Challenges in KOL Management

This video provides insights on the emerging trends, risk mitigation and challenges associated with KOL management. View Video >